So how does an online cigar bar compare to the traditional brick and mortar establishment? Most people who are invested in the tobacco world, whether as a retailer or an aficionado, know that bars are gathering places for those who love a good smoke. Most of these are private clubs, and they offer extremely luxurious interiors which feature humidors and even humidor lockers for the individual member to store their personal collection of smokes. Most of them are a gentlemen’s club that features other things such as food and alcoholic beverages, and perhaps, even some type of entertainment such as pool tables and pianos.

An online cigar bar is the perfect place to find anything and everything cigar related. When you visit the sites offered by these retailers, you will find an offering of lighters, cutters, ashtrays, humidors, travel humidors, torches, punches, cases, nubbers (used to hold the nub or the very end of the smoke), and clips. Often you will also find a selection of the various different manufacturers merchandize, such as T-shirts and other items.

Also featured at online cigar bars, of course, are the finest selections of sticks you will find anywhere in the world. A huge advantage of having an internet site for tobacco would be the fact that you can order and ship from other stores, suppliers, and producers. Many of the stores online work together to provide sticks that a customer may be requesting when one or the other might not have them in stock. This kind of cooperation guarantees customer satisfaction and will more than likely demand a repeat performance by the customer the next time he or she purchases smokes or any accessories.

Many of the online cigar bars also offer customer reviews. This is a very nice feature for the aficionado that isn’t sure whether or not he or she would like to purchase an entire box. This allows the customers to share feedback with each other. Being able to read about the different aromas, flavors, tastes, and notes of a smoke can help the serious smoker decide whether or not this offering is something that they would really like to add to their humidor.

Also available through online cigar bars are sampler packages of the various different smokes available on the market today. This is a great way to decide which one you like the best so that you can make a more informed decision the next time you purchase tobacco products. Most people do not want to clutter up the humidor at home with offerings that turn out to be disappointments based on their personal preferences. However, if they have purchased very many of a certain one, they would be inclined to smoke them anyhow so they wouldn’t go to waste. By being able to purchase a sampler pack, a lot of the guess work can be eliminated and the humidor doesn’t have to be overburdened with smokes that the customer is never going to enjoy but, instead, filled with their personal favorites!


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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