Best Cigars Cain FCain F cigars were presented as special edition from Cain, and they are made by the Oliva Cigar Company. They were initially packaged in boxes of five and were part of a deal exclusively for cigar shops, which could then turn around and either sell them, or give them away. The boxes themselves indicated the Cain F cigars were 25% Condega Ligero, 25% Jalapa Ligero, and 32% Esteli Ligero. Condega, Jalapa and Esteli are all tobacco regions located in Nicaragua. Ligero is tobacco from the top of the plant. The sun exposure thickens and darkens the leaf. These leaves are also smaller than the leaves on the rest of the plant. The Condega ligero is medium bodied. The Jalapa ligero offers a wider range of flavors, and the Esteli ligero is the strongest of the three. The regular line has 27% Condega ligero, 30% Jalapa ligero, and 25% Esteli ligero, so you can imagine the extra punch the Cain F has with the increase in the Esteli ligero.

One reviewer suggested that these may benefit from some extra time in your humidor. The reviews for this stick were highly favorable, with only a brief negative comment here and there. The ash is described as flaky and dark, although strong in its ability to hold on. The wrapper is described as oily, and having a strong flavor with spicy notes and a lot of pepper. One review said the ash held for an entire two inches. The Cain F cigar is described as being full bodied, and also as being quite creamy. One reviewer was surprised with how even the burn was, as his experience with others in this line led him to expect needing to do a number of touch ups. The reviewer enjoyed this stick very much, but it wasn’t as complex as he was hoping. The smoke time for this gem is about an hour, to an hour and a half, so make sure you have ample time to enjoy it.

Once you purchase your Cain F cigars, you’re going to need to cut the cap before you can smoke them. Be sure you have an appropriate cutter on hand to prepare them for smoking. In fact, you may want to have a number of different types and sizes available to properly accommodate any sized smoke you choose. You can purchase both the sticks and the cutters at your favorite online cigar shop, and have them conveniently delivered right to your front door.

While you may be able to get a good idea about the Cain F cigar by reading reviews about it, you’re still going to have to decide for yourself whether you like it or not. You can continue to read the reviews and get in person recommendations from friends or from local shop owners, but eventually you’re going to have to try one for yourself in order to experience it firsthand. Once you have tasted one of these cigars, go ahead and add your voice to the existing reviews out there for other people to read.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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