The AVO 2nd Movement Is A TAA Exclusive CigarThe AVO 2nd Movement seems to be one of the most popular cigars from the Tobacconists’ Association of America (TAA) in 2014. The TAA currently consists of about 80 retailers in the nation. Every year, they receive a handful of cigars that are only released to TAA members, making it difficult to find TAA only smokes. AVO’s addition to the TAA portfolio is a follow up from a blend the brand produced last year for the TAA as well. This follow-up uses the same tobaccos, but they are arranged differently, resulting in a fuller experience.

The AVO 2nd Movement combines an Ecuadorian wrapper, binder and fillers from the Dominican Republic. It has a flat, matte look and a reddish-brown hue that makes the cigar look older than it really is. It is still oily to the touch, though, and is firm in the hand. It is available in a single, rounded vitola, a 6 1/4 x 47. There are no surprises with the band, using a variety of earth tones and gold to create the brands well-known interlocked “A” and “V” logo. On the pre-light cold draw, reviewers detected a few mild flavors, including a little black pepper, tobacco, leather and wheat cracker.

The initial third of the cigar lives up to the brand’s claim that this is a full-bodied cigar. A combination of strong white pepper and dry wood makes the lips and throat tingle, and some coffee flavors in the background keep the profile just complex enough. The white pepper is also noticeable on the retrohale, though it is dulled a bit by a healthy amount of creamy smoke. Near the end of the first-third, reviewers noticed some nuts and salt enter the profile, producing a savory taste at this point of the cigar. The smoke gets even sweeter as well, taking on a taste akin to condensed milk. 

In the middle third, the AVO 2nd Movement evokes grain and cereal flavors, though the leather, dry wood and white pepper are still present, the sweet cream begins to fade from the smoke. This shifts the cigar to an even stronger and drier profile. The company set out to make a cigar for aficionados, and this part of the smoke is a clear example of it. After an inch or two of the dry flavors, the cream reappears right before the second-third is out.

During the final third, the smoke takes a step back and eases up some, delivering a mix of nuts, grain, wood and leather flavors. These flavors are somewhat milder, but they don’t last long before the cigar picks up again. Reviewers found that the cigar surged again close to the end of the last third, giving another punch of the intense white pepper and dry wood combination. This holds for the rest of the stick, which finishes dry and warm. 

This smoke is for aficionados confident in their ability to handle a full bodied and full strength cigar. It doesn’t hold back and is perfect for those who have experience with tobacco.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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