Wrapper: Indonesian                                Binder: Dominican Republic

Filler: Dominican Republic, Brazilian         Strength: Medium

Sizes: Torpedo (6 ¼ x 50), Long Lady (5 x 36), Short Lady (4.25 x 42)

Oliveros Flavored Cigars Are Available For Sale In Our Online Cigar ShopOliveros Flavors cigar creations follow a tradition of tobacco products that started in Cuba in 1927. The company was reborn in the 1990s, when it began carrying smokes that contained added ingredients for a more savory experience with the Oliveros flavors of cigars. Hand crafted in the Cibao valley of the Dominican Republic, these magnificent representatives of tasteful stogies are a fine piece of artisanship. Grown in the rich soil of the Dominican Republic, the leaves of the filler and binder are handpicked for premium quality. These are mixed expertly with a Brazilizan Mata Fina to form the superb aromatic basis for these products. The wrapper is grown on Indonesian soil and imported to create a unique combination for a medium bodied smoke. Additions of natural sweeteners form the basis for the variety of savory choices in which these delectable smoking sensations are available.

A gold band in a circular design with the name inside the medallion along with the picture logo graces the outside of the stogie. The honey colored background denotes the slightly sweetened taste that has come to be associated with the name Oliveros in varying flavors of cigars. A small band indicating the flavor surrounds the smoking piece just below the label to finish off the nice, crisp paper presentation.

Reviewers hold that the appearance of these creations is appealing. There are minimal veins reported that enhance, not detract, from the overall visual effect. The medium brown wrapper firmly supports the long leaf binders and filler. Some have reported a slight sponginess to the touch. At the foot of the product, a nice composition of evenly distributed leaves can be seen which indicates quality packing in the factory.

This company is known for a nice line in the burn with a solid grayish colored ash that holds on for the perfect amount of time. These indications of good construction are also present in the well-balanced amount of smoke production that tends to accompany the Oliveros Flavored cigars when they are consumed. A nice, mild cold draw is reported by aficionados.

For those who prefer a mellow taste bud experience, a box of one of these is a perfect match. These come in a large variety of tastes, including, but not limited to, amaretto, cappuccino, chocolate, cherry, cognac, peach and orange. Choosing which Oliveros flavors of cigar is the best is a difficult thing to do. Instead of settling on just one, many chose to smoke one of the combination offerings. Alcoholic beverage nuances are mixed with fruity sensations to produce an entirely new smoke. The mixes give an impression of experiencing a variety of sensations through one medium, the stogie. The combination options are available in the short lady sizes. Because of their size and engaging savory attributes, these are a great choice for a quick smoke any time of day.

The company that creates the Oliveros flavors of cigars has morphed over the long history of the name to include offerings with added sweeteners as well as more traditional smokes. For those who want a quick pick me up with a hint of savory goodness, these tantalizing offerings are a fantastic choice.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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