Oiveros Eight Zero Cigars On SaleFor a nice long smoking experience taking upwards of 2 hours, the Oliveros Eight Zero cigar is definitely worth taking a look at. With a combination of tobaccos from Honduras, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, and Columbia, this stogie is going to be a popular addition to any humidor. The binder finds origins in Costa Rica, and the wrapper takes root in Habano. There is not anything to scoff about when the aficionado sits down to enjoy this wonderfully unique stogie.

The “Anniversary Royale” was manufactured in honor of the companies 80th year of creating magnificent stogies. As the name implies, the smoking experience shows evidence of why this manufacturer has such a reliable name in the industry. However, getting a hold of those Oliveros Eight Zero cigars can be tricky because of the popularity and excellence in experienced in each puff.

Reviewers have stated that from the cold draw they were met with a wonderful barnyard aroma coupled with the wonderful highlights of sweet, dark cocoa. The firmness of the stogie is comforting, allowing the smoker to roll the stogie between the fingers without losing any tobacco. Even the nice brown color is slightly on the dark side minus any large veining of the wrapper. The band is a healthy size and displays the manufacturer’s brand proudly.

With such a pre-smoke experience, the aficionado is then introduced to the wonderful world of highly aromatic stogies. The creamy nut flavor is sweet, with hints of deep rich cocoa playing with light cinnamon through the first third. Coffee and chocolate combine with bits of nuts towards the second third, hinting of a rich mocha flavor and aroma according to those that have indulged.

One of the surprising aspects of an Oliveros Eight Zero cigar is that it actually offers up a touch of sweet caramel that lasts throughout the experience.  It has been said that the sweetness is a superb addition, making it a perfect after dinner treat. But for those that like a sweet treat in the morning, this stogie provides the perfect addition to that morning cup of java, melding perfectly with the mocha flavor.

Towards the final third, folks enjoy the deep coffee flavor melded with the rich chocolate. Few cigars provide the superiority of flavor and aroma that the Oliveros Eight Zero cigars have to offer. The transitioning from the second third to the final third insures a perfect experience of flavors without harsh after tastes or overbearing notes. 

The reviewers have said that the burning experience is quite remarkable. The ash holds firm without any special handling, and the ash is a perfect color, completing an amazing experience. Even the price allows for easy pickings. The gold and silver band definitely makes this an anniversary stogie that will go down in history.

Deciding on just one cigar for any humidor is never easy. However, the Oliveros Eight Zero cigar makes the choice quite simple. The flavor is a unique blend of sweetness with very little spice, as is found in many medium-bodied stogies. In addition, every level of enthusiast will find that these smokes are evidence as to why the industry is a bustle of activity.  

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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