The Oliveros Classic Maduro is a great cigar which is highlighted by its very dark and extremely rich wrapper that is made of Nicaraguan Maduro. The binder is Dominican tobacco, and the filler is both Dominican and Nicaraguan tobaccos. The size that is most often reviewed is the robusto that comes in a 5 x 50 size.

The pre-light inspection which is usually done shows that the body of the cigar is quite hard and has to be loosened by gentle massaging. This isn’t usually a problem. The wrapper is a dark chocolate color and has many earthy types of aromas such as grass, hay, and wood, and it feels quite rough, much like the feel of sand paper. The foot offered many of the same flavors topped with a very distinct and small amount of a peppery taste.

During the first third of the Oliveros Classic Maduro, the earthiness remained quite strong with the end of the first third giving way to a pleasant taste of cocoa or mocha. This wasn’t overpowering, and it wasn’t dominant; however, it was still noticeable. On through the second third, the rest of the flavor notes stayed the same only being paired with a buttery type taste that had just a slight note of sourness to it. This wasn’t described by the reviewers as being unpleasant, but it was reported to be a rather strong bitter taste. The last third allowed all of the earthy tastes and flavor notes, such as hay and grass, to take to the background, but the buttery taste stayed prevalent. The buttery notes mixed with the bitterness rounded out the end of the cigar along with a very slight nutty type of taste toward the end. There was a slight note of a woodsy flavor like cedar toward the end as well.

The Oliveros Classic Maduro is rated a medium bodied cigar. The cigar line itself has been around in one form or the other since the 1920s. In 2003, the entire tobacco profile was re-blended, and the new Oliveros Classic Maduro line was born.

The mastermind behind this line is Rafael Nodal. He is the fourth in a long line of generational tobacco growers. He operates a cigar factory in Santiago, Dominican Republic. Some of the greatest ranking cigars in the world are to his credit. He is also recognized as being in the top fifteen cigar manufacturers in the world. This line is one of those that are recognized as great. This is quite an accolade to his talent.

All of Rafael Nodal’s Oliveros Classic Maduro line is absolutely brimming with the rich and wonderful tobaccos that are only found in the Dominican Republic. This offering is billed as the best valued cigar to be enjoyed any day of the week for any reason.

With four generations of know-how and expertise, it is easy to see how this man could easily make a great cigar that can be enjoyed for a long time to come and should be stocked in every humidor.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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