Discount Oliveros Aging Room Cigars
Oliveros Aging Room Cigars have a wrapper, binder and filler that are all Dominican. The medium-bodied Robusto was described by a reviewer as being made from a limited amount of three year old tobacco. There is a bit of an oily, toothy look to the wrapper, which slightly resembles the look of old leather. The aromas of molasses and cedar are noticed upon the cold draw, as well as the flavors of spice and cedar. After it is lit, an oak flavor joins the cedar, and cocoa joins the spice and molasses.

The cedar decreases in the 1st third, while the oak becomes more prominent. It was noted that there were also some notes of chocolate and vanilla in the second and final thirds of the Oliveros Aging Room Cigar. The smoke ends off with sugar and leather notes, and the ash lasted for an inch and a half until it cracked. The reviewer enjoyed the smoke but wants to give it another try after it has spent some time in the humidor to see if there are any changes as far as strength.

Another reviewer shared that the “M356” at the end of the name of the cigar is supposed to refer to the date the tobacco was found: M: Monday, and 356: 12/22/08, the 356th day of the year. This reviewer mentioned the full body the Oliveros Aging Room Cigar had. It also referred to the pepper and cedar tastes right at lighting, with the first third adding earthy plum and citrus to the mix. The next third seemed much the same, and the final third had a long spice and citrus finish. The ash was gray and tightly packed, and there was a sharp burn and perfect draw.

One reviewer spoke of moving a limited edition line into core production, but explained that he learned that doing that was often not possible, since the tobaccos were not always available in enough quantity for a core line smoke. This is apparently the case with the Oliveros Aging Room Cigars. This stick is available in four vitolas: Major (at 6.5 by 60), Mezzo (at 6 by 64), Rondo (at 5 by 50), and Presto (at 4.5 by 48). He mentions the burn temperature and burn rate, noting the stogie did not burn hot at all.

It is very interesting how people can notice different flavors and notes on the same cigar. Another reviewer mentioned a powerful pepper, vanilla, and caramel aroma straight from the box, just as it was removed from the cellophane. This review speaks of the excellent construction, the beautiful wrapper, and the effortless draw.

There were a number of positive things said about the Oliveros Aging Room Cigars in the reviews online. Since it is a limited edition, made from only a small quantity of tobacco, if an aficionado would like the opportunity to try one, it is probably wise to check the cigar shop sooner rather than later in hopes of finding at least one to sample. As always, it is beneficial for the smoker to write up a review for any new cigar they may have tried. This is an excellent way to share the experience for others who may be interested in trying an offering from a particular line. 

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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