Nub SamplersWhen you purchase a Nub Sampler, you are getting one of the most enjoyable sticks available in any cigar shop and store today. When you light up a Nub Sampler, you are on your way to a joy in smoking you never dreamed possible. The flavors are astounding in each and every one of the smokes available in the sampler.

The different sticks that come in a Nub Sampler pack are the Nub Cameroon, the Nub Connecticut, the Nub Habano and the Nub Maduro. There are also varying sizes in each particular stick. Any stick in this line is a real crowd pleaser of sheer smoking enjoyment and pleasure.

The creator of this awesome line, Sam Leccia, found himself experimenting with the ring gauges, and he learned that at 4 inches in length, and between 58 and 66 rings, the cigar delivered almost immediate flavor upon lighting and lasted for a similar time as other cigars that were double its size. These are high-quality, handmade cigars, and you can certainly count on the fact that you won't be able to find another quite like them. They are indeed unique, and they definitely stand apart from any others.

Each stick in the Nub Sampler has an amazingly beautiful wrapper. The Nub Habano, for example, is reddish-brown in color and has a nice sheen from the bottom to the top. The band is a handsome maroon color and it stands out beautifully when nestled against the beautiful color of the wrapper. There are little or no veins present in this stick of joy, and the cigar itself, along with all the others in this line, is very soft and smooth to the touch.

Once clipped with a cigar cutter, the cold draw was extremely flavorful, which was very pleasant experience indeed. Some of the people that enjoyed this cigar had to say the following about its characteristics:  Once the stick was lit, it provided a very rich and thick smoke, which was extremely aromatic. The burn line was very thin, which is a major plus. The first-third of the base flavor tended to lie on the palate before ebbing away, and it was pleasantly spicy and rich. Once the smoke cleared a bit, a delightful woody flavor slowly emerged behind the base flavors.

Entering the second-third, which is approximately around the 30-minute mark, the stick was really making its debut. With the flavors slowly changing into both a slight caramel and oatmeal aftertaste, and the core note is a deep and rich tobacco flavor.

The final third of this cigar was a major crescendo in aromatic flavor that would put a smile on even the most dour of faces. This cigar is a perfect stick to enjoy in the evening after a long day of stressful work. It fully invites you to just sit back and release your mind from the cares of the day. The aroma and smoking experience of each of the Nubs is tantalizing, and that is putting it in the simplest of terms. A Nub Sampler would make a wonderful gift for any aficionado that enjoys a quiet get away, if even for the moment.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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