Best Cigars Nub 460 Tubos
Created by Sam Leccia, Nub 460 tubos look to completely redefine the cigar smoking experience from start to finish. He worked many places including countless factories that manufacture these sticks and tested as many different types of smokes as he could get his hands on to develop this line. Working with the Oliva factory in the Ybor City district of Tampa, Florida, he began his innovative creation of Nub 460 tubos.

These are made with a Connecticut wrapper and Nicaraguan fillers. What one will find is a smooth tasting smoke that is a medium bodied offering. The flavors are as unique as the man that created them.

These cigars are sealed inside of a tube. Once the lid is removed from the tube, one will discover that they are protected by a piece of tinfoil over a cork. This is to keep them fresh. This is just another example of the uniqueness of this product.

The Nub 460 tubos sport a double veined wrapper that is dark. The aroma of the wrapper is very earthy such as the smells that one might encounter in a barnyard. It is well made and very well packed. It is an attractive and appealing looking offering. The wrapper is also described as being very thick.

The first noticeable tastes are that of a woodsy flavor and coffee. There is also a sweetness that is almost that of raw sugar. Then, the flavors of spice and wood overtake the palate while the sweet aroma lingers in the background. As one nears the middle of Nub 46 tubos, the sweetness still remains but not like that of sugar as it was before. Now there is an addition of herbs to go along with the spices that were detected earlier.

Toward the final third of the smoke, the sweetness has pretty much dissipated giving way to the herbs and woodsy flavors that were noticeable in the beginning.

Most of the reviewers who offered their opinions on the Nub 46 tubos said that it was a long lasting smoke of about an hour and a half. All agreed that this was a most pleasant smoke and recommended it to those who were partaking of the review.

While this may be a peculiar looking cigar because it is quite fat and short at the same time, it is a very solid experience for most who try it. The flavors are creamy and smooth and not at all harsh. Most agreed that, while the flavors weren’t really that complex, this medium bodied smoke definitely was a pleaser from all other angles.

Most agreed that because of the notes of coffee and sweetness that seem to come in and out throughout the stick, a good strong cup of coffee would be the perfect pairing to enjoy it with as a treat. Because it does lack the complexity that more experienced connoisseurs may want in a smoke, it is recommended that this be enjoyed by a beginner or just as a treat to start the day off rather than something that would be enjoyed with a stiff glass of brandy.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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