Cigar reviewers found the Camacho Diploma's new blend similar to the original, just bolder, stronger and more developedOettinger Davidoff bought the Camacho brand about five years ago. Since then, Davidoff has produced or altered several acclaimed blends, including the Camacho Diploma cigar. Earlier in 2013, Davidoff reworked the branding, emphasizing the bold nature of its stronger blends. This rebranding has generated conversation among aficionados and is sure to intentionally ruffle some feathers among traditionalists. However, the bold new look is not an empty face lift, because several of the brand’s products have been tweaked to embody this boldness.


The Camacho Diploma cigar comes with an Ecuador Habano wrapper, a Honduran Corojo binder and fillers from Honduras and the Dominican Republic. It is available in three vitolas, including 6x60 (6 x 60), Figurado (6 1/8 x 42/54) and Churchill (7 x 48).


The wrapper is dark brown in color and has some visible veins. It has a slightly rough feel and is oily to the touch. The stick is double banded, with both bands best described as in your face. The primary band is a couple inches deep and is black, silver and purple in color. The name of the brand is displayed in strong, thick lettering and also has the new brand mark. The secondary band is near the foot and states “infamous since 1962.”


The pre-light aromas consist of some strong cocoa, earth and some punchy spice notes. Some reviewers also detected an aroma of grass emanating from the wrapper. The first third of the Camacho Diploma cigar doesn’t pull any punches with its intensity. It starts off with a bold twosome of earth and cocoa, though the earth is the dominant flavor by far. There is also some fiery spice that presents the strongest note in the retro-hale. Near the end of the first third, a delectable taste of charred meat comes through in the blend.


During the second third of the stogie, the charred meat is developed further. It is a deep flavor that gives the stogie a savory profile, even though the sweet cocoa is still present. The earthy tones are more apparent in the retro-hale during this part of the stogie. These three flavors hold throughout the second third, with the sweet cocoa and savory meat dueling for top position in the blend.


In the final third of the Camacho Diploma cigar, the charred meat, cocoa and earth are still the most discernible flavors in the profile. Some reviewers also detected the spice again, though it is confined to the back of the palate and to the nose. This combination of flavors rides out until the end, though it is well developed enough to keep the smoke interesting.


The Camacho Diploma cigar is full bodied and full strength, so get ready for nicotine and a complex profile. In all, reviewers thought that this blend was pretty similar to the original, just bolder, stronger and more developed. Smokers who appreciated the original will also like the tweaked blend if they can handle the additional strength. The burn and draw are both rated good to excellent, though the burn line does require an occasional touchup. This fine cigar is recommended for aficionados who like their stogies to bite back and is recommended after a full meal.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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