Nestor Miranda Ecuadorian Connecticut Special Selection CigarThe Nestor Miranda Ecuadorian Connecticut cigar is the the third edition in their Special Selection line of smokes. This edition places a familiar blend in a new wrapper to provide what would be described, even by its creators, as the ideal smoke to pair with a morning cup of coffee. Although the addition of a wrapper seems like it is only a small change, wrappers play a considerable role in how a cigar is received. Darkness, toothiness, thickness, and frequency of seams not only have a visual impact, but also influence the strength of the flavors. Connecticut seed wrappers are commonly used for premium cigars, and the Ecuadorian variety generally offer a richer taste than its American grown counterpart. Another benefit of this type of wrapper is that is displays excellent burn qualities.

Fine tobaccos from four countries were united to create a blend that is handmade in Esteli, Nicaragua. This smoke is comprised of a binder that originates in Nicaragua, and the filler is composed of tobaccos that are Honduran, Nicaraguan, and Dominican. The medium brown coloring of this wrapper contrasts attractively with the white and pewter band that proudly displays the name in red. This is an expertly made stogie, with a prelight draw that was said to reveal flavors of cherry and pepper. The Nestor Miranda Ecuadorian Connecticut cigar is available in singles, five packs and boxes. The several sizes available are sure to cater to a variety of preferences concerning gauge size and the time it takes to smoke; Coffee Break: 4 ½ x 50, Robusto:5 ½ x 54, Piramides: 6 ¼ x 52, Gran Toro: 6 x 60.

Reviewers were impressed with how excellent the burn line is on the Nestor Miranda Ecuadorian Connecticut cigar; the phrase “razor straight” was referenced and supported with photos. The burn is low maintenance, which complements the easy draw, and produces a compact, salt and pepper colored ash. The reviewers stated that the quality construction enabled it to be smoked down to the nub without disintegrating, or becoming hot on the fingers. Overall, the smoking experience was said to be extremely pleasant.

Reviewers also noted that the smell and taste of this stogie is unique when compared to expectations about Connecticut shade wrappers. The Nestor Miranda Ecuadorian Connecticut cigar begins with a creamy taste, a woodiness and a peppery kick, all mingling without fighting to be in the forefront of the palate. Not long into the smoke the flavor of the spice was said to die down in order to be replaced with a note of citrus. The woody notes are described as a steady cedar with hints of pine. The combination of citrus, cream and wood continue pleasantly into the second half, where the pepper makes a welcoming reappearance. The conclusion of this smoke is classified as spicy, but did not overpower the other flavor nuances. In the category of strength, this offering starts mild and increases to medium. On the topic of body, it is consistently medium throughout the duration of the experience.

Agreeable not only to the palate, but also to the eye, this cigar has a Connecticut wrapper with a Nicaraguan flair. The Nestor Miranda Ecuadorian Connecticut cigar is a welcome addition to the Oscuro and Rosado wrappers that comprise the Special Selection family.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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