Wrapper: Dominican Rosado or Oscuro             Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan                                               Strength: Medium

Sizes: Belicoso (6.1x52), Coffee Break (4.5x50), Pyramide (6 1/8 x 52), Lancero (7.5x40), Robusto Grande (5.5x54), Rusky (5.6x48x52)

Nestor Miranda Dominicano Cigars On SaleThe Nestor Miranda Dominicano cigar is the result of the collaborative efforts of Don Pepin Garcia, Guillermo Leon of La Aurora and Nestor Miranda. The Rosado and Oscuro wrappers are both offered under the Nestor Miranda Dominicano name. This stogie has received favorable reviews with an increase in appreciation showing after the cigar has aged for a short time.

At first glance, it is evident that the band surrounding the wrapper denotes a festive characteristic. Well it should! This item was created with the idea of celebrating the heritage of the cigar in the Dominican Republic. It was launched in March 2010. The celebratory black and white themed band is edged in a metallic copper and contains the red signature of the creator. The name of this offering is written in bold black with offsetting white.

Constructed with either a Rosada or Oscuro wrapper, the Nestor Miranda Dominicano is firmly packed from the foot to the cap with a slight sponginess. Most caps are neatly applied in a rounded fashion. However, the Rusky is finished in a pigtail, and the Pyramide reflects its name with a pointed finish on the cap. The roll is reported to be flawless with some veins and creases evident in the wrapper. This tobacco leaf that secures the outside of the smoke, displays a sheen that is complimented nicely by the shiny metallic nature of the band rim. The fillers are Nicaraguan as is the binder.

The pre-light aroma is a touch earthy with a hint of sweetness. The draw is reported to be effortless, which is an important aspect according to the reviews. After putting the foot to the flame, the cigar aficionados reported a flavor palate of mingled earth and spices greeted them. Hints of nuts, leather and bread were also reported by some. The second third brings along the creamy texture and taste upon which many have commented. This rich compliment is laced with elements of cinnamon, toffee, and caramel, according to many who have enjoyed this smoke. Upon arriving at the last third, the nutty flavor that had been hanging around in the background comes into its own, like an object breaking forth in the sunshine after having been hidden in a mist. The variety offered with the Oscuro wrapper has increased elements of rich espresso to flavor the palate.

One of the most remarkable qualities of the Nestor Miranda Dominicano is the amazingly solid ash that is produced. It holds on for many up to half of the smoke. It is moderate gray in color. The burn line is fairly straight and consistent throughout the sections. The woodsy aspect of it makes a wet beverage a fantastic pairing. Sitting back drinking rum, or another liquid of choice, is a wonderful way to enjoy this incredible creation with its ample smoke production.

With age, the slight bite experienced by some reviewers dissipates into a mellow flavor array with a heightened sweetness penetrating the senses. In the aged version, the pepper is still present, but it is not reported to have any overpowering characteristics.

A symbol of the heritage of the country found in its name, the Nestor Miranda Dominicano has impressed many with its superb construction and hints of sweetness. 

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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