Nat Sherman Timeless CigarNat Sherman Timeless cigars will offer you one of your best smoking experiences with its balance of sweet and spicy flavors that pique the palate. This particular collection is the creation of Michael Herklots to make cigars that appeal to aficionados. These cigars are not what smokers typically expect from a Nat Sherman stogie – they are bold, spicy, and overtly masculine in its flavor profile. The collection is a collaboration with the Quesada family of MATASA. 

This collection comes in six vitolas: Churchill (7 x 48), Divino (5 x 50), Hermoso (5 ¼ x 54), No. 2 (6 ¼ x 52), No. 5 (3 ¾ x 43), and the Super Lancero (8 x 38). Reviewers have stated the size of the vitola will determine the smoking experience you have with the Nat Sherman Timeless collection. With the thinner gauge vitolas, the oils heat faster, and you taste more of the flavor of the wrappers and binders. With the larger gauge vitolas, you have more time to let the flavors of the filler fully develop. Aficionados claim that no matter the vitola, Timeless is a rich, deep smoke with full body strength.

Beginning with the appearance, it is a beautiful glistening reddish brown Honduran Criollo wrapper with a vintage band. The band has the name of the company surrounding NYC and 1930 (the place and year the company was founded). It is a well-constructed cigar with a triple cap and slight veining. The binder is sourced from fields in the Dominican Republic, and the filler is a blend of Nicaraguan and Dominican leaves. The blend was created to provide a deep, full body smoke. Reviewers commented that on the cold draw, there are notes of cinnamon, leather, hay, cocoa, and hints of coffee. On the first draw, the sweetness of the cocoa and hay are combined with a slight peppery note that piques the palate. It was stated that the peppery undertone is present through the entire smoke. In the first-third of the stogie there is a note of earthiness with espresso, cocoa, hay, and leather flavors. The burn line is even with a firm ash production and nice resistance to the draw. During the second-third, the cocoa evolves into a full-fledge chocolate flavor. Balanced by the espresso, the taste profile is in perfect harmony. As the second-third develops, a deep spice note emerges that warms the palate. The blend of tobaccos has created a smooth and creamy smoke that aficionados claim is their favorite part of the smoking experience. In the final third, all of the different notes are joined by a roasted nut flavor, which thoroughly complements the blend. The hay and leather flavors subside during this third, as does the pepper note that has been present from the beginning. The deep spice, espresso, and chocolate flavors are not overwhelmingly sweet and are stabilized by the nutty undertone. Overall, reviewers give this stogie a solid 9.3 out of 10

It is no surprise that Cigar Aficionado placed the Nat Sherman Timeless at the number 10 spot on their list of Top 25 Cigars for 2012. Aficionados love the new blends the company is producing. They are an affordable smoke, well-constructed, offer an incomparable taste profile, and look nice in your humidor. This is one stogie you will want to add to your regular smoking rotation.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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