Nat Sherman Timeless Cigars For SaleThe Nat Sherman Timeless Cigar Collection is composed of two sticks that have entirely different blends, each from a separate manufacturer. One, made by Matasa is from the Dominican Republic. The other, by Plasencia Cigars, is entirely Nicaraguan in origin. Both sticks in the Nat Sherman Timeless Cigar collection are well made, and their handsome brown wrappers are decorated with a band that has a logo reminiscent of a watch face. The Nat Sherman Timeless Cigar is an example of a smoke that offers a generous draw and a well-balanced blend. Both versions of this stick were given much praise for the quality of their burn, the line is straight and the pale ash clings to the cigar for a little over an inch.

Cigar Aficionado named the Dominican Republic Nat Sherman Timeless Cigar as part of its Top 25 of 2012. This version of the stick has a binder from the Dominican Republic and fillers that are a combination of Nicaraguan and Dominican tobaccos that are in a Honduran wrapper. Reviewers found it to be medium strength, but full bodied. Attention to the wrapper offers a view of an attractive dark brown with the oily sheen denoting a light toothiness. It is expertly hand rolled and lacking veins. Prelight flavors are unsurprising, just smooth tobacco. Once smoking begins, the stick offers an experience that has both spicy and woody undertones, and it reveals flavors of espresso, earthiness and roasted nuts. Cedar and oak are the most easily identifiable woody elements. Some reviewers cited anise as one of the subtle flavors that made an appearance during the second and final third. The finish adds sweetness to the flavor profile, which manages to compliment the other tastes on the palate.

There are 5 vitolas available for the Dominican Republic version, ranging from the petite 3.75” by 43 gauge No. 5, to the more massive 7” by 48 gauge Churchill. The other four are the 6.25” by 52 gauge No. 2, the 6” by 38 gauge Especial, and the 5.5” by 54 gauge Hermoso.

The Nicaraguan line of the Nat Sherman Timeless Cigar Collection features a darker wrapper and only 3 box pressed sizes. The 3 vitolas are named after their dimensions, the #452 being 4 inches with a 52 gauge, the #556 measuring 5 inches with a 56 size gauge, and the #660 is 6 inches by 60. Flavors that are characteristic of a Nicaraguan puro, such as coffee and chocolate are on the forefront of the palate when smoking this stick. A hint of cedar makes an appearance during the first third but is replaced by something akin to espresso later, which compliments the earthiness that is found throughout. There is a spice to this smoke that is initially strong, but reviewers said it mellows during the final third. It is medium bodied, but stays full flavored for the duration of the smoke.

These two unique blends are the impressive outcome of when feedback, from both retailers and customers, is heeded. This great American brand was established in the late 1930’s and since then has been honing its skills in order to provide its customers with satisfying and tasty blends.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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