The Nat Sherman Panamericana cigars are being handled with some importance by the company, as it is assuming the role of a shop exclusive, the company’s Townhouse shop in New York City, that is. Although, that was only the first step. Soon after its October 2014 release, the brand made plans to offer the stick through the 2015 Tobacconists Association of America (TAA), which represents 82 retailers throughout the country. The story behind the TAA is for another time, but it signifies that the company is sensitive to how its blends are sold and distributed to smokers, which is always a good thing. As for the blend itself, it’s an exclamation point for the brand, which has released several hits over the previous four years. It’s also a big victory for the TAA, which needed another big blend under its umbrella.

The blend consists of an Ecuadorian Sumatran wrapper, a binder from Costa Rica and Nicaraguan fillers. The wrapper is slightly bumpy and veiny, giving it a toothy appearance, but the seams are nearly invisible. It glows with a healthy coffee brown and Colorado red, along with dark brown marbling in spots. The Nat Sherman Panamericana cigars is available in four vitolas, including the Secretos (4 x 40), the Epicure (5 x 50), the Cervantes (6 x 43) and the Julieta (7 x 48). There’s a single, slim gold, brown and red band that features the name of the company, its initials and “NEW YORK,” which holds obvious significance for the brand.

The cold draw starts off with a little cedar, some cocoa, and a sweet note that one reviewer described as marzipan. Once lit up, the initial third shift gears a bit, as the sweetness and cocoa don’t make the jump. The cedar does, though, and asserts itself as the dominant player in the mix. It is paired with some strong coffee notes and some earth that mostly remains in the background. On the retrohale, a punchy black pepper note produces intermittent bursts of heat.

Into the middle third, the Nat Sherman Panamericana cigars cedar flavor remains a dominant note though it is joined by the earth flavor, which surges forward quickly. The coffee switches places with the earth note and moves to the background, while the black pepper fades early in the second third and picks up again after the halfway point.

During the final third, the pepper makes a surprise leap into the lead role and pushes the cedar and coffee back some. However, the pepper never gets out of control with its spiciness, though the profile does heat up a bit near the end.

In all, it’s a strong medium that nears full at times, and it is a major score for the TAA, which looks to build on a successful 2014. With this blend, they are hitting the ground running.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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