Nat Sherman Host CigarsNat Sherman Host cigars are produced by one of the oldest companies in the country. Started in 1930, the family patriarch, Nat Sherman, saw his small business through the Great Depression and made it into an industry icon. Today, his son Joel continues the legacy he started, refocusing the brand’s efforts on producing some of the best blends the industry has to offer. The company is known for its understated and classy approach, and this stick is another example of both.

This stogie is wrapped with a Connecticut Shade and comes with Honduran binders and fillers. It is available in seven vitolas, including Hobart (5 x 50), Hamilton (5 1/2 x 42), Torpedo (5 1/2 x 56), Hunter (6 x 44), Harrington (6 x 48), Hyde (6 x 60) and Hampton (7 x 50). Nat Sherman Host cigars are superbly constructed. The wrapper is medium brown and is slightly oily. There is little veining present, but the seams are invisible. Each stogie is packed tight and its weight is balanced and significant. The company keeps its bands simple, and this one features the logo and name of the business in red, gold and teal. The wrapper produces an aroma of vanilla, hay and nuts, while the pre-light draw reveals hints of hay, earth and coffee.

According to reviewers, the first third to the Nat Sherman Host cigars featured earth, hay and some light spices in the profile. In this part of the stick, flavors come and go at a rapid pace. The light spice pulls back right away while nuts and earth spices jump in. Vanilla notes are left on the palate after each draw, and some aficionados also detected cream. The stick puts out full, smooth puffs of smoke that are extremely aromatic and rich.

During the second third of the stick, all of the flavors from the initial third hang around. Coffee notes also emerge, and while they are secondary to most of the other tastes, they last on the palate with the vanilla. The earth and nuts are the strongest notes in the profile at this point, and near the end of the second third, the earthy spices fade out.

In the last third of the Nat Sherman Host cigars, most of the flavors are still going strong. The coffee flavor bows out while the earth and vanilla duel for dominance. Near the nub, a few reviewers tasted something akin to Graham crackers, ending the smoke on a sweet note.

Nat Sherman Host cigars are not known for their complexity, but the flavors in the blend are rich and smooth. It is a medium strength stick, so it won’t overwhelm a novice smoker with its nicotine or leave an experienced aficionado feeling that it was lacking. While it is medium-bodied for most of the smoke, it becomes full-bodied in the end. Owing to its immaculate construction, the burn and draw are both excellent. Reviewers found nothing to complain about in terms of performance. While they may be a bit rich for some, they are an ideal choice for those looking for something a little stronger. Their construction, flavor blend and value price point should make them a regular in any humidor.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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