Nat Sherman Host cigarsThe Nat Sherman Host cigars are another release for one of the oldest brands in tobacco. Since the 1930s, the company has been one of the most recognizable names in smokes and has undergone a number of changes since its foundation. In the last couple decades, the brand has focused its efforts on producing fine cigars, and this blend is another example of that effort. It is a lighter smoke that should appeal to a wide variety of aficionados.


This cigar comes with a Connecticut Shade wrapper, and a binder and filler from Honduras. It is available in seven sizes, including Hobart (5 x 50), Hamilton (5 1/2 x 42), Torpedo (5 1/2 x 56), Hunter (6 x 44), Harrington (6 x 48), Hyde (6 x 60) and Hampton (7 x 50). The label boasts the brand’s iconic logo amid a turquoise background. The name of the stick is in gold stamp lettering. It's a light brown color and smooth, with no visible seams. The pre-light draw evokes some hay, light coffee and earth flavors.


The initial third of the Nat Sherman Host cigars produces a number of flavors, including some earth, hay and a little bit of spice. Just a few draws in, the spice dissipates while some nutty notes join the profile. Overall, the profile is balanced, with no obvious dominant note. The nutty flavor, though, is very rich on the palate and lingers along with a light vanilla taste. Some reviewers also detected a little cream in the profile, so the mix of nuts, vanilla and cream makes for a light, almost dessert flavored stick. The stogie produces a large amount of full smoke that brings out this flavor even more.


During the second-third of the stogie, the flavor combination holds for the most part. A light coffee note adds to the blend and similar to the one noticeable on the pre-light. The light vanilla taste is only present on the finish but still builds a desert profile with the nuts and cream. About halfway in, the hay shifts out of the blend while the earth notes fade into the background, leaving the cream, nuts and coffee in the dominant role.


In the final third, the Nat Sherman Host cigars profile only makes minor changes. The vanilla, cream and nuts still feature heavily in the profile, but the coffee shifts to something a bit darker and bitter. Some slight spice shows up in the finish near the end of the smoke, giving the blend some kick as it gets down to the nub.

This stogie is medium bodied and medium in strength, so it is ideal for a huge range of enthusiasts. With its dessert flavors and light feel, it’s a good choice for lounging on a slow day or for finishing off a hearty dinner.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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