The Nat Cicco 1965 Aniversario Liga 4 cigar recalls the original but is of higher quality.The Nat Cicco 1965 Aniversario Liga #4 Cigar pays homage to the birth date of the original stogie. The starter version created back in the 60’s introduced a value line to the market. This was one of the first stogies to offer quality at a reduced price. The theme of this type of cigar was known as “factory rejects”. This title meant the product was known as factory seconds.  The name was initially given because the stogie was produced by the National Cigar Company. The filler was medium filled back in that decade. During that time, many other companies tried to copy its success. This product was successful for many generations, until around 2002 when distribution issues arose.


Today, this stogie has been reinvented and moved into the premium category. A company known as Zander-Greg Inc. out of Pasadena, California has reintroduced the brand. This particular stogie is available in three different sizes, including Churchill (7 x 52), Toro (6x52) and Robusto (5 x 52). The seed is Nicaraguan and makes up the contents of the binder, filler and wrapper. Cigar reviews note the full-bodied taste of the Nat Cicco 1965 Aniversario Liga #4 Cigar. A particular nuttiness flavor is a favorite among aficionados. Many that have reviewed this Nicaraguan puro noted that the band is classy without being pretentious.


Reviews have stated that this is a firm stogie to the touch. The wrapper color is described as rich brown with a pigtail cap that is twisted in the Cuban style. It is important to note that the foot of this stogie is closed. Make sure not to take a draw before lighting due to this fact. Some reviews have noted a hint of brandy before the Nat Cicco 1965 Aniversario Liga #4 Cigar was lit. Overall, the burn has been described as very even.   In the beginning, per some reviews, the taste is leathery and slightly bitter. Once the stogie began to even out, however, woodsy aromas prevailed.


Other reviewers have noted that the stogie elicits a nice burn with a robust ash. In general, many aficionados have noted that the Nat Cicco 1965 Aniversario Liga #4 Cigar is a little difficult to find on the market. Profile consensus for this stogie exhibits tastes of chocolate, molasses and leather. Some have noted that the smoking time for this particular stogie is a little over one hour.


In regards to price, the cigar is reasonable at around $8.00 each. Twenty count cedar boxes are also available for purchase. The nice cedar aroma of the box enhances the stogie experience per some reviews. Research on the internet will yield results for where to purchase this particular cigar. Prior fans of the original stogie should be pleased that it is now making a comeback.


From its inception, the Nat Cicco 1965 Aniversario Liga #4 Cigar has been popular with aficionados looking for a good deal. Today, the product has been re-launched with some additions to help keep the spirit of the original alive. This stogie is ideal for those looking for a good value with an impressive history to match. Go online today to locate the closest location.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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