Electronic Cigarettes are for sale singly or in packsWhen someone begins looking for electronic cigarettes for sale, the Internet is one of the first places to begin the search. It provides a ready avenue to learn about what products are available. It is also a good way to get familiar with the different products, price ranges, and what other customers have said about the products. Examples of some of the more popular brands sold by SeriousCigar.com include Elektro, Fifty-One E Cigarette, Generic E Cig, Krave, Ploom, Square 82, and Vapor Gen. Of these brands, the two most popular are the Fifty-One and Vapor Gen.

Of course, a customer can visit what many call a “brick and mortar” storefront to find electronic cigarettes for sale.  However, the Internet offers a far greater selection. Also, as mentioned earlier, there are many sites that offer customer feedback and reviews which can give first time buyer’s advice to someone new to this smoking option. Take, for example, one of the more popular brands, the Vapor Gen. It offers e-liquid instead of the more common cartridges. E-liquid tends to be less expensive for the customer, and there are still dozens of flavor options.

Purchasing electronic cigarettes for sale online is a safe and secure process. If someone chooses to purchase them through SeriousCigar.com they can be assured that their product would be pulled and shipped as quickly as possible—many times within a twenty-four hour time stamp. The purchase is not only fast, it is secure. Additionally, the website’s reporting tools allow customers to know what is in stock and what is not in stock.  Anytime a purchase has been made of a particular product, the product count is automatically updated. So when an individual looks through the site for different products, he or she can be certain that what the site says is on hand is actually on hand.

Since there are so many electronic cigarettes for sale, there are some things a potential customer should be aware of when purchasing for the first time. Many of these products have kits that are available that help users get started.  Disposable units are great for comparison shopping, while a starter kit can provide the customer with everything he or she needs to start using the product. The items included would be the actual e-cig, which may come in two or three pieces that will easily fit together, a battery, charger, liquid or a cartridge. Depending on the manufacturer, there are also additional items that can be purchased, like extra e-liquid, or flavored cartridges, or another charger.

Some kits provide a USB charger; others include a wall charger, but most do not provide a car charger. Flavors offered number in the dozens, if not the hundreds. Depending on personal preference, there are more traditional flavors like tobacco and menthol. There are also more decadent flavorings like cappuccino and rich chocolate. For others that prefer a tropical twist, there are pina colada and pineapple electronic cigarettes for sale. There are also blends of strawberry, banana, and other variations. Out of all of these choices, there is sure to be at least one that suites every person’s taste.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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