Wrapper: Connecticut Shade Ecuadorian                     Binder: Nicaraguan Origin: Dominican Republic

Filler: Dominican and Nicaragua                                   Strength: Complex Medium

Montecristo WhiteThe Montecristo White is a beautifully constructed cigar, with its pristine white band. There is a nice sheen to it in any light. This cigar is a slow smoker and takes approximately an hour or so to enjoy. It has a perfectly straight burn and there is absolutely no need for correction or relighting. It is considered to be one of the best constructed cigars on the market. There are virtually no veins, and it is packed with perfection as well. There are twelve sticks in this line; the Churchill, Especial No. 1, Especial No. 3, Montecristo Court, Montes, Prontos Petit, Pequenos, No.2 Belicoso, Robusto Grande, Rothchild, Toro, and the Toro Grande.

Upon cold draw of the Montecristo White there is a perfect amount of resistance, and it is quite rare to find a cigar with such a perfect draw. Before being lit, there is a bit of cedar to the smell. There is absolutely no bitterness at all to this superb stick, even when one reaches the head of the cigar. It presents a large amount of thick smoke. The ash is white in color, and tight. There are no soft or hard spots, and the cigar has a tiny bit of give when squeezed between your fingers. This cigar is quite handsome looking and is quite impressive when it comes to the flavor.

Once lit the Montecristo White is quite a perfect cigar. There is a touch of spice and pepper at first that disappears by the final third of the cigar. Some say that this cigar has sporadic hints of coffee and sweetness to it. It is also said that it has quite a kick at first, but it is still mild enough for a smoker of any level. The first third of this cigar is, aside from the initial kick, smooth and mellow with a delightful wood like flavor to it. When the second third is approached, the complexity of this smoke intensifies. There is a light pepper flavor with a creamy and milky aftertaste that lingers after each draw. There is still no need to make any adjustments to the burn. The Montecristo White holds up to its hype, even when the final third is approached. The final third reveals a bit more of the woodiness and gets slightly fuller as it is finished off.

As with many of the cigars in the Montecristo line, the Montecristo White has virtually no negative reviews. This cigar is truly hand rolled to perfection. Many find themselves either loving the Montecristo cigars or disliking them due to the hype, however it is encouraged that either way you give this stick a try, as your palette will thank you. It is a highly recommended smoke. Altadis really outdid itself this time as they have made a cigar that holds a higher standard for other lines to live up to. This cigar is one that is wonderful to enjoy while you are reading. It is also delightful to enjoy with a cup of coffee. This cigar is referred to as the perfect breakfast cigar, and rightfully so.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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