Wrapper: Maduro                 Binder: Nicaraguan

Origin: Dominican Republic    Filler: Honduras & Nicaraguan     Strength: Medium

Montecristo Reserva NegraThe Montecristo Reserva Negra is a premium cigar that definitely holds up to the title of being a premium stick. It is said to be “cigar nirvana”, as the flavor is zestful and the presentation is magnificent. This cigar is a square pressed stick, which feels very solid in the hand. This particular cigar is available in five sizes. The Robusto, Churchill, Belicoso, Toro, and lastly the Corona.

This cigar has hardly any oils to it, which seems to be the deceiving part, because of the way it smokes. It is an evenly well-packed cigar that won’t disappoint you. The band is a beautifully designed gold and black that portrays elegance. The cold draw gives a perfect amount of resistance. The Montecristo Reserva Negra cuts easy and clean with your favorite cigar cutter. Over all it is an excellently constructed cigar with a thick and creamy smoke wafting through the room.

The ash of the Montecristo Reserva Negra is a very light gray to a whitish color. The ash on this cigar is showing to be a strong one that is solid with virtually no flakes, when tapped off it keeps its solidity. The smoke from this cigar is quite impressive as well. The first flavor that is noticed once the stick it lit is the heavy peppery taste that lingers in the sinuses. This heavy pepper spice sticks as a predominant flavor the entire time the cigar is smoked. There is much more complexity to the cigars flavor however. In the first third of this cigar it is quite earthy. The wrapper contributes to a solid chocolate spice flavor that lingers on the palette. Some have referred to it as almost a burnt chocolate flavor, while others say it is a cocoa flavor.

The burn is better than most square pressed cigars. The Montecristo Reserva Negra burns slowly and consistently and takes about an hour to smoke. Upon the second third the earthy flavoring turns into a more woodsy taste. Still having that heavy black pepper taste, this cigar now has a rich touch of espresso. In this third the cigar now begins picking up speed. During the final third, the woody flavor really kicks in and adds a smoothness that is best described as delicious.

Over all, the Montecristo Reserva Negra is a great tasting cigar that is perfect to indulge in as an after dinner smoke. However, it takes a while to smoke, so be sure to set aside time to enjoy the perfection of this premium cigar. Among the many reviews given on this cigar, it is highly recommended. Many like the earthy cedar aftertaste that lingers with a kick of pepper and cocoa. The presentation of the cigar is magnificent, as well as the flavor. This cigar has been given a ten out of ten by most who have tried it. Despite the deception from being a cigar with hardly any sheen to it, it is said to be competitive with even the best Cuban cigars.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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