Wrapper: Mexican Cubano                                 Binder: Dominican Origin: Dominican Republic

Filler: Dominican, Nicaraguan, Peruvian               Strength: Medium

Montecristo Platinum CigarThe Montecristo Platinum is a beautifully presented luxury cigar that is hand rolled in the Dominican Republic. This cigar is produced by Altadis. There are virtually no veins, with the exception of one or two larger ones, but they are not problematic. There is a slight sheen to this stick. The wrapper is a chocolate color, which accompanies the strong cocoa flavoring. The cold draw is quite nice, and the stick cuts magnificently. There are no hard or soft spots. The cigar is presented in a shiny tube that is silver, which matches the very simple, yet shiny two bands that are on the stick. The overall look of the Montecristo Platinum is perfect and the bands are not too large or overbearing.

Based on our research this is what can be said about this Montecristo Cigar: Once the Montecristo Platinum is lit, the ash is extremely strong. The ash is white with some grayish flakes to it. The ash is said to hold on until it is knocked off, and it is hardly flaky at all. The cigar produces an average amount of smoke. One will notice a hint of wood and earthiness that hangs on to the palate a bit. During the first third of the cigar the after taste is almost all cocoa. During the second third the wood became the stronger flavor, yet there is a constant cocoa taste during the entire time the cigar is smoked. During the final third the flavor of tobacco is the dominant flavor, yet the woody cocoa taste still presents itself lightly. The after taste after the first third also has a very light cinnamon spice to it. Some have said they notice a hint of berry and licorice that join the flavors during the final third of the cigar. There is a constant leather flavor that is also noticed, along with a touch of nuts, however these are noticed throughout the cigar, along with the cocoa flavoring. This cigars burn line was quite nice as well, with no need to touch up or relight. The burn line is said to move off course a bit at times, yet it corrects itself almost immediately.

This cigar is just one of several cigars in the Montecristo line. The Montecristo Platinum would make a great addition to any cigar connoisseurs collection of luxury cigars, not only is the presentation quite nice, but the smoke definitely represents the “platinum” part of the name. The entire Montecristo line is considered to be a great cigar line, and this cigar is no different. The flavoring however is slightly different from the normal flavorings, which in part is due to a nice blend of the three different tobaccos that were used. The cigar is considered to be a medium bodied cigar by most who have smoked them. All in all, this stick is one that comes very highly recommended. Many that have smoked the cigar have found that the Montecristo Platinum falls into the same ranking as most of the cigars in the line, which is that they are a wonderful cigar to smoke.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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