Montecristo Original CigarsMontecristo Cigars are a premium brand that is created and constructed in the prime tobacco fields of the Dominican Republic. The Montecristo Original series includes the Churchill, Corona Grande, Double Corona, Habanitos, Memories, No. 1, No. 2, No. 3, Robusto, Rothchilde, and the Tubos. The Montecristo Original brand is a smokers dream come true, with their robust and bold, yet soft flavors that can set a veteran smoker back in his chair to simply relax and reflect.

These premium smokes have a fine silky wrapper with a natural coloring, sort of like transparent honey, and a sweet chocolaty smell that tantalizes your senses before lighting up. The Montecristo Original line are best described as medium level smokes with a sweet cedar note, exuding a wonderfully rich aroma. This line is not too complex, just an overall awesome stick. All of these attributes are noticed both before, and after lighting up.

Here are some of the characteristics as described by smokers who have had the pleasure of tasting this stick first hand.

The second note of this stick burned almost perfectly, and although the ash was just a bit loose, the texture was quite nice. The simplicity from the second and final note is unusual, but nestled in its purity was complexity. Just wait until you try the Montecristo Original series for yourself.

The final note had a woodsy aroma in the forefront, and quietly blended in with a creamy flavor during the last stages of the burn. It is undeniably wonderful. This stick would be perfect for beginning smokers, but just as suitable for the experienced smokers as well. The blend of filler tobacco is Dominican and Nicaraguan, with a spicy hint throughout the entire burn. Although spicy, it is a very smooth smoke, and is easy and lovely on the palate. The entire burn is even and needs virtually no correction. The ash is a fine one and the construction is above perfection. The roll of this particular series is compact, and that results in a firm draw, which is preferred by the majority of smokers.

The overall sweetness of the Montecristo Original line is not limited to only flavors of cocoa and hazelnut, it is also laced with a hint of cream in the aftertaste. The smoke is billowy and cool, which makes one want to sit back and inhale the smoke while watching it slink up to the sky, taking the cares of the day with it. These certainly won't be allowed to sit long in your favorite cigar ashtray as you will certainly think of indulging in another.

Realizing where the Original series began, and knowing that the fine tradition of this line continues today, makes them even more appealing to aficionados. Hand-crafted by artisans in the Dominican Republic helps maintain the prime quality of the stick, and this holds it true to its legend and the standard set so long ago. The entire line maintains its reputation as the most enjoyable and most popular on the market today. Any cigar shop is happy to continue calling its supplier to restock these exciting smokes for its customers. When you pick yours up, don’t forget that humidors are necessary for maximum freshness and enjoyment of your precious smokes.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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