Montecristo Museum EditionThis finely made Montecristo Museum Edition series of cigars are made in the prominent Tabacalera Garcia factory, which can be found in the Dominican Republic. The distinct wrapper is a unique San Andres Criollo 98 Rosado, so the hue is a bit rosy and has a Connecticut broad-leaf binder, and the tobacco fillers are of the finest Dominican and Nicaraguan tobaccos. This makes the Montecristo Museum Edition extremely high quality, keeping up with the legendary Montecristo cigar line of awe-inspiring sticks.

This rods girth allows it to sit very nicely in your hand, as you take note of its magnificent craftsmanship that has been constructed by highly skilled artisans. The unique wrapper is admirable, sporting a rich, chocolate color maduro leaf that looks silky with the oil that shines from it. The Montecristo Museum Edition pack is solid, and when laid down in the cigar ashtray it never burns hot the way some tend to do.

Here is what some smokers of this cigar had to say about its characteristics. Once this magnificent gem is lit with your favorite cigar lighter, the first flavor that bursts forth is one of a sweet, yet herbal caramel, and it blends into an earthy malt flavor note. Stating this, it is extremely complex with prime quality that is delightfully light on the palate.

On the second note of this lovely little stick you will begin to notice a distinct cappuccino flavor at the forefront, one that has cream and caramel on top. It is indeed a wonderful smoking experience that any aficionado would treasure. The aroma is reminiscent of a sweet, soft bread mixed with a malty note, and it has beautiful swirling puffs of smoke. This is what you will encounter during your journey with a Montecristo Museum Edition. One brand to definitely keep stocked in your humidor, and don’t worry about setting out your cigar ashtrays, because this is one you will not want to set down for a moment. They are very popular in online cigar shops and locally as well.

This final note of the famous Montecristo Museum Edition is pretty bold, yet not harsh, and straight-forward with an earthy, sweet caramel flavor bursting with a subtle fruity combination. The manufacturer that blended this stick should win a medal because these flavors do not conflict against each other, rather they compliment one another nicely. The flavoring is certainly a variety that harmonizes well together, which makes this a truly unique smoke.

The distinctness of this brand is due to the mild yet bold flavors of this rod, which is a bit unusual, but absolutely delightful. It is also superbly smooth and although a bit complex, it is a must for smokers who want a little adventure. They surely need to appreciate the construction and blend of this rod because it is just awesome to say the least. Your friends will certainly be raiding your humidor for this one, so make sure you always have plenty on hand.

This remarkable rod would be perfect for novice smokers, and an absolute delight due to the rare journey of flavors involved. The smorgasbord of intense notes is excellent, and a good way to just sit back, contemplate life, and conquer the stress it sometimes imparts as you indulge in sheer perfection.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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