Montecristo Classic CigarsThe Montecristo Classic series is a special-blend of Dominican combinations of tobacco that are bold, rich, and full in flavor. The legend behind this brand was Dominican, and was responsible for growing and maintaining the highest quality of binders, fillers, and tobaccos for this outstanding series of the Montecristo Classic.

The Montecristo Classic series include the Churchill, El Conde Tubo, Especials no. 1,3, 4, and 5, Classic no.2, Robusto, Rothchilde Tubo, Toro, and Tubo. This awesome series of sticks has fascinated the industry since the day they hit the market. Upon first glance one will notice that they are beautifully clothed in a seemingly perfect, honey-brown colored Connecticut shade wrapper, and the one thing that separates these sticks from other smokes within the Montecristo line is the exquisite gold emblem that is wrapped neatly and securely around these tasty rods.

Here is what some smokers of Montecristo cigars had to say about these particular smokes. After these gems are lit, the refreshing flavors of the Dominican fillers and binders, mixed with the mild, yet soft taste of marshmallows with a hint of chocolate, somewhat similar to s’mores becomes quite evident. This makes them extremely unique, and very enjoyable to smoke and relax, enjoying the overall experience. The draw of these rods is soft, yet a bit spongy, which makes it a very easy and refreshing draw each and every time. The high quality and supreme manufacturing of these smokes are what makes them one of the most unique finds in any cigar shops you come across, whether on the street, or online.

The second note magnificently transitions the flavors, bringing out the spiciness, yet showcasing a delightful taste of graham, keeping the soft marshmallow taste in tow during the entire smoking journey. The different Montecristo Classic sticks create a colorful contrast to any other rods you will experience, and you will definitely not want to return from the remarkable smoking journey anytime soon.

During the last note of these awesome sticks, the smore flavor came heavily into play, which only makes one anticipate what these remarkable flavors will do next. It is soft and mild, yet with bold, masculine flavors bursting through to the palate and keeping you completely intrigued all the while. Once you have the chance to indulge in one of these wonderful sticks, you will definitely want to consider purchasing a good humidor to keep them fresh and ready for the next journey. These flavors seem to transform and stay balanced on your taste buds, giving the complex and unique blend a home where they can be truly appreciated and savored.

This Montecristo Classic collection was first introduced to the industry in 2005, and it was an instant hit with aficionados the world over. The body effortlessly flows from mild, to medium, and then to full and absolutely satisfying. It has been met with exuberant and rave reviews from smokers all over the globe. It is definitely one of the absolute finest cigar series that Montecristo has ever manufactured. This brand has always been known for their absolutely impeccable craftsmanship, and this line is certainly no exception to the rule.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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