Montecristo 75th Anniversary CigarsThe Montecristo 75th Anniversary series includes the Edmundo, Lancero, no. 2 and no. 4, and the Churchill. The elegant and quality tradition of the Montecristo line of cigars continues present-day. This cigar line is one of the most excellent that is on the market and upholds to the highest standard around the market. When you light up the Montecristo 75th Anniversary with your cigar lighter, you will not let it sit and burn away, instead you will experience the finest of smoking experiences.

The Montecristo 75th Anniversary cigar series are medium-bodied sticks of joy with a full, rich aroma, and the construction of these sticks uphold the highest quality in the industry. Keep in mind that this line is almost flawless. The wrapper has a dark brown hue and is a Habano leaf wrapper that fits smoothly around the rod with a fan fold Nicaraguan, as well as Honduran long filler. The aroma from this particular series just oozes with premium quality.

Here are what smokers of Montecristo Cigars are saying about these awesome smokes. Once lit, the Montecristo 75th Anniversary line of quality cigars has a medium robust flavor with a flawless draw. The perfection of this tobacco flavor is completely impeccable and a prime choice. After lighting this awesome little cigar the intense volume of smoke seemed like a whirlpool of excitement with anticipation to smoke one of the most exquisite sticks available in cigar shops all over the world. The experience builds in volume and robustness at the two-inch point. The overall smoke is slow, but it has a pleasant flavor that clings to your taste buds. They have a nice, solid construction and no soft places to be seen. There was no problem with the wrapper as far as cracking. When you arrive at the half-point, the flavor remains consistent and gratifying. When this experience was promoted to the final third of the smoke there was a slight sweetness, with an enjoyable hint of spice added. It isn't like some that tend to be harsh and overbearing, this line has been incredibly perfected, and the draw throughout was magnificent.

The flavors you will experience during these enjoyable smokes range from chocolaty to a sweet raisin flavor, and a nice, rich earthiness, depending on where you are in your smoking experience. The draws on any of these are absolute perfection. They all just seem to burst with flavor, and you will find yourself swirling in the clouds of smoke with joy and excitement. The rich and medium bodied aroma and flavor take you on a journey to behold, and it is worth every second of your time. You will find yourself relaxed, and the cares of this world will fade away during this journey into pleasure. You will certainly not even think about putting this cigar down. Instead you will want this wonderful smoking experience to continue as long as possible. If you search your local shops or your favorite online store for any of the Montecristo 75th Anniversary line of premium cigars, you will be able to indulge in one of these amazing sticks for yourself.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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