Nat Sherman Host CigarThe Nat Sherman Host series of cigars are the ones you smoke when you want just to mellow out. They were a personal favorite of Mr. Sherman, himself, who enjoyed these sweet handcrafted Honduran smokes. They come in a range of seven vitolas: Hamilton (5 ½ x 42), Hanover Torpedo (5 ½ x 56), Harrington (6 x 48), Hobart (5 x 50), Hunter (6 x 44), and the big guys, Hampton (7 x 50) and Hyde (6 x 60). 

For its appearance, the Nat Sherman Host line boasts the same simple elegance of the other cigar lines. The turquoise and light red band is quite striking against the caramel-colored Connecticut wrapper. The wrapper has some barely visible veining and a slightly oily sheen. It is very firm to the touch with hints of nuts, grass, and vanilla. Some reviewers stated they detected an earthy coffee flavor on the cold draw. 

The Honduran binder and filler produce a creamy taste during the first-third with notes of spice, nuts, and vanilla. The hay and earth flavors deepen slightly providing a mellowness to the entire smoking experience. The sweet, spicy flavors persist through the second-third and accompany the earthy, coffee flavor first hinted upon during the cold draw. Some aficionados said they could taste the combination of the coffee and vanilla making the cigar a fantastic after dinner smoke. The final third holds an unusual graham cracker flavor that puts a nice finish to the smoking experience. The cigar burns nice and even with a firm ash and little to no touch-ups. 

In conclusion, this cigar is a very well blended stogie. The flavors produce a fusion of sweet notes that when combined, augment each other with each puff. Reviewers across the board rate the Nat Sherman Host series nine out of ten for its excellent construction, medium-bodied smoke, and the overall pleasant smoking experience. With this mild to medium-bodied smoke, it is a great cigar for novices and aficionados alike.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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