Kuuts Placeres Reserva Cigar is a great tasting, well-constructed and -blended smoke.The Kuuts Placeres Reserva Cigar features a blend of Honduran and Nicaraguan fillers. It has a Costa Rican binder. It is wrapped in a Nicaraguan Habano wrapper. The wrapper is chestnut brown, and it feels like velvet, firm with no soft spots, and slightly oily. The cap looks a bit off center, and the body of the smoke has been described as trompeta shaped that is firm with no soft spots. Aficionados describe it as medium to full-bodied in strength. 


Two other brands, the Miro and the Tabacalera Zapata, have been released by Kuutz. Reviewers have described all three brands as “well balanced.” Manufactured in Danli, Nicaragua, Kuuts developed these brands in the hopes of increasing their customer base in the US. 


These three brands represent a robust range of medium to full-bodied strength, with the Kuuts Placeres Reserva Cigar being right on the cusp of the strong side of medium. Not only has this three-brand release proven successful for the manufacturer in North America, but the Reserva has quickly become a very popular smoke in Europe. The company has firmly established itself in the industry as a result.  


Reviewers have described The Kuuts Placeres Reserva Cigar as having a dark brown to reddish appearance, punctuated with darker areas of brown. There are also very small, seamless veins visible throughout the surface of the wrapper. It is the only one of a series of three that is box pressed. This makes it very firm throughout, with the area around the cap being a bit softer than the rest. In comparison, it is not quite as oily as others in the series. Reviewers also complemented the attractive band that binds the construction together. Some also commented on the noticeable smell of leather mixed with the scents of a barnyard. One reviewer who started off with a cold draw really liked the touch of cinnamon he detected during the inhale. 


Reviewers have complimented the Kuuts Placeres Reserva Cigar for its superb burn and excellent draw. One described the burn as “razor sharp.” Voluminous puffs of white smoke, which are noticeably thick, punctuate the entire experience. This is a fine cigar for dimly lit corners designed for ambience and low key cheer, because the smoke tends to fill the moment with a stationary, luminous presence.


Upon lighting, the first third has been described as mild, with notes of spice and pepper. Then, just before the second third, a sharp change was noticed by aficionados. A woodsy taste, punctuated by cedar, and mixed with vanilla and spice, emerged to the forefront. This continued throughout the second third, where the flavor shifted again. Afterward, a creamy taste with a noticeable musky quality was clearly detected, right to the end. 


Before the end, the spice becomes noticeable again, leading up to a pleasant finish on something of a sweet note. This puts the overall taste experience squarely on the cusp of medium to full-bodied.  


Many consider the Kuuts Placeres Reserva Cigar to be the best of the three brands, although this opinion typically originates from those who enjoy an exceptional amount of stationary smoke and a good strong taste that is not too strong. Juxtaposed against its companion releases, it’s fair to say from an objective standpoint that it can function both as a focal point and a starting point for a connoisseur of Kuutz blends. 

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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