Macanudo has really established itself as a 21st century cigar manufacturer. Although they have been one of the best selling cigars for a few decades, the past few years we have seen Macanudo take off like never before. With the introduction of the Inspirado line, they entered into the boutique world of small batch, well-crafted cigars. Now they are taking a swing at another realm of the cigar industry, the infused cigar.

 The M by Macanudo is a high end, premium cigar that is also infused. I would not classify as just an infused cigar. It uses a wide array of premium tobaccos that normally you wouldn’t see in an infused cigar. It is hand rolled with Nicaraguan filler and binder tobaccos and is then cloaked in a rare, Indonesian Bezuki wrapper. This hard to find wrapper has a unique aroma and flavor that makes it the perfect match for this smoke. It is then infused with the flavors of premium Colombian coffee.

 Notes of coffee, cream, espresso and cocoa combine effortlessly in this rich cigar to give you all the best qualities of a high end infused cigar. Pick up your box of M by Macanudo today at Serious Cigars.

POSTED ON Jan 02, 2019


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