Alec Bradley Maxx Conneticut CigarsAlec Bradley Maxx Connecticut cigars were introduced as variation of the Maxx line, but this time with a natural, Connecticut wrapper. Apparently, the company received numerous requests for the Maxx line with the larger ring gauges that could be made with this wrapper. When you hear “Maxx,” think “MAXIMUM.” Alan Rubin, the founder of the company, insists that his company be responsive to its customers, and so they rolled out the Alec Bradley Maxx Connecticut line. There are some minor changes to the percentage of the tobacco fillers, but for the most part this is a smoother version of the already released smokes.

There are four vitolas available to the consumer in the line. The Fix is 5 x 58, The Culture is 6 ½ x 54, The Freak is 6 ⅜ x 60, and The Curve is 7 x 58. They are likely to all run about the same price, so if the price point tends to make a difference in purchase, it should not be a determining factor this time.

The Fix retains the filler that is a blend of tobaccos from Honduras, Columbia, Nicaragua, and Mexico. Its Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper still utilizes a Costa Rican binder. The new line was several years in the making, with additional months of aging until they were declared just right. Cigar smoking aficionados have noticed as minimal veins and an appearance that is smooth. The ash stayed on for approximately two inches which is a treatment to the good construction of this stick. Enthusiasts describing the flavor profile report the delicious taste of toast joined a buttery flavor and a touch of earthiness. Smokers also rage about the abundance of thick smoke. As the smoke progresses many find that its great tasting mildness gradually increases until the end which is most often reported as medium-bodied.

Sometimes described as nearly perfect, The Culture is also part of this Alec Bradley Maxx Connecticut line. From the first glance, this smoke appears smooth and well constructed but the proof is in the burn and ash. As aficionados have come to expect of these great sticks, the burn was wonderfully even and the ash length grew to beyond an inch long.

The Freak was declared to be one of a reviewer’s favorite cigars. This medium to full bodied smoke was was recommended for the experienced smoker rather than the untrained palate of a beginner. With a good burn, this vitola was found to have hints of coffee and cocoa flavors, which makes it extremely popular for those who enjoy a delicious after dinner smoke.

The Alec Bradley Maxx Connecticut Curve is another delectable offering whose ash is a solid though light gray. Beginning with a somewhat sweet butterscotch flavor that tastes more like bread in the second third, it is not until the final third that the smoke serves up a little bit of spice to add depth to its creamy and sweet profile.

The great pricing of the premium cigars of the Alec Bradley Maxx Connecticut line opens things up so all consumers can have a chance to try this line. Whichever vitola a consumer finally chooses, there are more than enough available to suit all palates. Check out our online cigar shop and start flavor testing this wonderful line of smokes.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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