The whole world smells a little better thanks to Maurice Berger, a French pharmacist and eventually the founder of the company that is still known today as Lampe Berger. He wanted to invent something that would make air quality much better. He was inspired to invent an air purifier and fragrance dispenser when he made a visit to a local hospital. He was completely shocked to find that the air in the hospital was not only extremely stagnant due to poor ventilation but also considerably foul smelling for both the medical professionals and the patients. He embarked upon a journey that had the end goal of creating something that would provide a more pleasant aroma as well as a more healthy environment.

Maurice Berger went on to patent his groundbreaking new product and opened a business called Lampe Berger in 1897. His new invention used essential oils along with his catalytic burner that he had previously patented. The result was a device that, when heated slowly, would release IPA into the air. IPA is Ozoalcool Isopropyl Alcohol which actually purifies the air. With the addition of fragrant oils that made the air smell wonderful, this was the beginning of what we know in today’s market as fragrance diffusers. This was something that had never been done before and it was received quite well by many people. Among his extremely happy customers were many famous people including Pablo Picasso.

Today, the fragrance diffusers that were first designed and used by Maurice Berger are considered collector’s items. The Lampe Berger is still producing these highly sought after luxury fragrances. Although he retired in 1962, the company lived on through his business partner of many years, Jean-Jacques Faillot. Mr. Faillot kept the name because it so represented the brand and carried the company forward. The company remained in France but in 1973, after the death of Mr. Faillot and the takeover and then retirement by his son, it was sold to Marcel Auvray.

The effusion lamps and fragrances that Maurice Berger gave to the world so long ago set the pace for others to follow. These products work so well you are sure to find them at your favorite cigar shop! Today this huge industry has many different players but it all began with Lampe Berger in 1897. From its humble beginnings to present day offerings, you can enjoy the wonderful fragrances and oils that are offered including but certainly not limited to:

• Absinth Daydream

• Amber Powder

• Atlantic Tide

• Borneo Teak Wood

• Charleston

• Crème Brulee

• Fresh Eucalyptus

These fragrances are sure to delight with the many different aromas that they offer. Pablo Picasso called them “fragrances of intelligence.” From spicy to floral and all points in between, you will find something that sparks your fancy. The aroma will carry you away to another place and time with deep relaxation even as it purifies the air.

Also available from this company are many different styles of diffusers that dispense their wonderful fragrances into the air. You can choose from many different colors, shapes and designs. They are extremely exquisite offerings that will not only work to cleanse and freshen the air but also provide a beautiful element to your home décor because of the quality of the uniquely designed effusion fragrance lamps.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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