For hose who prefer to smoke an electronic cigarette, menthol is the flavor of choice.Electronic cigarette menthol cartridges and flavored liquids are preferred by many who have made the switch to these smoking alternatives.  While this is one of the more popular flavors to choose from, there are many different variations that the consumer has to select from when making the switch from regular smokes. The market was quick to adapt to this growing product range, bringing a variety of flavors that range from the sweet and fruity, to the most ‘loyal’ of flavors that replicate the sensation and flavors of smoking the real thing. These liquids and flavor cartridges can contain both varying levels of nicotine and non-nicotine solutions, giving the user the option of whether or not they want to simulate the product as closely as possible.

These cigarette alternatives are built with a bit of complexity, containing two to three parts that can include a battery, the actual cartridge and an atomizer. The last is strictly of the liquid variety, though both of the variations can include electronic cigarette menthol flavorings available to the customer. The vapor that is released when the consumer is using the product is merely water vapor and is tobacco-free. Additionally, the aroma that is given off is usually odorless, but certainly not unpleasant like some comparable products. The nicotine levels that are contained within the product can also be regulated by the consumer, giving the customer all of the power needed to curb any urges or cravings.

The latter are intended for consumers who may have an allergic reaction to glycol. These chemicals can also be found in a regulThe flavor liquid and cartridges have both been approved by the FDA as well, including both the propylene glycol and the vegetable glycerin variations. ar tube of toothpaste, which is a demonstration of the safety of the contents. 

When purchasing an electronic cigarette, menthol cartridges can be found in most every cigar shop or convenience store that also carries the main products. The variety of electronic cigarette liquids and flavors that can be found can vary from location to location, though some of the more common products that people choose are the traditional tobacco flavoring, coffee, and even vanilla. A lot of these will sometimes be included in the starter kits that most customers begin with when making the switch to the vapor variety. This can help the consumer figure out their particular taste preferences, especially if tobacco has been the only flavor that the customer has experienced in the past.

Dig a little deeper and one can find some of the more adventurous flavors such as dreamsicle, whiskey, and nearly every flavor that one could think of smoking. Menthol cartridges continue to be the mainstay of the products sought out for both beginners and seasoned vapor users, though more and more exotic flavors are being introduced every day.

Just as with any other electronic cigarette, menthol cartridges can be purchased with varying nicotine levels. The levels will range anywhere from 4 mg of nicotine to as much as 24 mg.  With options like this, there is bound to be the perfect nicotine level and flavor for anyone.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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