Man O War Classic Cigars Have been said to set the standard among aficionados.Man O War Classic Cigars are medium to full-bodied smokes that are known for their spiciness, creaminess, and voluminous puffs of white smoke.  Manufactured in Nicaragua they feature Nicaraguan filler and binders with Ecuadorian wrappers. 


The Man O War Classic Cigars have nice oily wrappers. They are firm throughout with no soft spots. An earthy fragrance emanates from the wrapper, but the foot of the cigar lacks this aromatic note. Some reviewers have complimented them for their mild chocolate appearance, and very small veins on the wrapper surface. These smokes have also drawn further praise from aficionados who admire the decorative bands which depict pictures of a war helmet. 


Upon lighting, the first tastes to emerge are blend of chili and pepper. At this point, the strength of the flavor is medium to full with a strong leaning toward full. Many cigar reviews also note at this point that a taste of cocoa and roasted nuts became noticeable in the background. The smoke carries with it a notable spice smell, and leaves the mouth a bit dry as the pepper taste goes deep into the throat. From the very beginning, the strength is medium full and builds from there. Upon retrohale there is a hint of black pepper. 


Man O War Classic Cigars have been praised not only for their exceptional appearance, but also for their near flawless construction. The burn remains perfectly even throughout helping contribute to the flavor. The flavor remains interesting till the end as well. Even if it runs into problems the burn self-corrects making for a hassle free experience all the way to the nub.   Aficionados noted spice in the retrohale, which contributes to the interest of this smoke.   The draw remains consistent all the way past the half-way point. A sharp tobacco taste remains as well, contributing to the smoke’s aroma. The name “classic” was not given arbitrarily. 


Toward the middle of the first third, the flavor begins to mellow somewhat bringing the palate into balance with the smooth draw and steady burn. The spiciness that holds throughout helps to reinforce this balance of flavor with the blend of cocoa and earth tones that Man O War Classic Cigars are known for. After the second part of the final third, as the smoker begins to approach the nub the spice emerges once again to the forefront. This becomes dominant within the blend of flavor. While never becoming overpowering, it tips the balance of the first half reinforcing the full flavor the smoke is known for. Leather notes show up just before the smooth finish, which completes itself with a lingering aftertaste of spice.


The full bodied flavor of Man O War Classic Cigars packs a good strong punch without overpowering the palate. Recommended as an after dinner stick, it is also an excellent choice for wine connoisseurs. Sweet red wine will provide a nice undercurrent to the sharp taste of spice. Overall, the balance that exists throughout most of the experience, combined with superb construction, makes this one of the best choices in the five to six dollar price point.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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