The Man O War Ruination cigar is the creation of Abdel “AJ” Fernandez and is manufactured in Esteli, Nicaragua. The stogie features an oily Habano Ecuadorian sun grown wrapper and filler consisting of a blend of Nicaraguan and Honduran ligeros. A Nicaraguan binder completes the presentation for the Cuban-seed, Central-American tobaccos.   




The  appearance of Man O War Ruination cigars has earned high marks in most cigar reviewsThe nearly veinless wrapper is the first thing to catch the eye. The next is the dark, mahogany color that one reviewer even tested because he thought it might have been painted on. Many call the construction near flawless, if not perfect even, with the hallmarks of a true premium smoke apparent in its build. The wrapper overlaps seamlessly in some places, invisibly in others. The smoke feels solid and heavy in the palm. 


Construction and Burn


The Man O War Ruination cigar produces a hardy amount of smoke that reinforces its flavor from start to finish. There is, through and through, this hint of charcoal and toast in the air. This only becomes more intense as the smoker approaches the nub. The concentration intensifies into a full-bodied, layered finale that leaves the aficionado truly satisfied in the end. 




When it comes to flavor, most reviewers agree that the most notable experiences are the black pepper followed by a sweet aftertaste. The stick starts off with a strong kick, with the pepper putting spice into the mix right after light up. After about an inch, the Man O War Ruination cigar introduces a brilliant medley of flavors that are layered together without blending to the point of losing their distinctiveness. Cedar and espresso are notable here, along with a hint of leather that eventually works to establish the experience. 


The flavor eventually shifts toward this leather tobacco flavor that helps even out the first half. Before the smoker gets too used to this, however, the peppery spice returns with a definitively vanilla touch. This is where the full-bodied strength of the cigar really kicks in. At this time, reviewers noted that the intensity was balanced by something of a middle ground balance as it ebbs into a cream, nutmeg, and coffee presentation. 


During the final third, interest peaks as a chocolate taste mingles with the leather. This teases the palate just long enough to surprise it with an explosion of spice that suddenly announces the return of the pepper. 


Availability and Final Thoughts


This brand is available in three shapes and sizes: the Robusto 1 (5 ½” X 56”), Belicoso (5 ¾” X 56”), and, and the larger Robusto (2, 6”X 60”).


Aficionados agree that the best attribute of the Man O War Ruination cigar is the balance that it maintains all the way to the nub.
 All rave that this is a superb cigar ideal for those who want something strong but also enjoyable and interesting.  While a very strong smoke to say the least, the multiplicity of layered tastes is structured in such a way as to create an almost disarming effect, which saves the experience from becoming overbearing.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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