Gift giving is not always easy, especially when it comes to shopping for men. However, if a man enjoys a good stogie, cigar gifts make the ideal opportunity for the purchaser to provide something superb. Generally, the first thing to consider when it comes to this type of giving is a budget. The prices vary greatly in this industry, and any sized budget can be maintained while providing stogies, accessories, samplers, certificates, or premium boxes.

What should a purchaser consider when deciding to purchase cigar gifts?

All cigar smokers enjoy something special in their favorite stick. It may be the aroma, the flavor, the strength, or all of the above. But the first thing to consider is what strength the smoker prefers. There are robust stogies, and there are mellow and sweet ones. Knowing which way the smoker leans helps the gift giver provide the best present. However, if the strength remains a mystery without some serious investigative work, consider a medium bodied stogie that can appeal to both types of smokers.

Accessories are a surefire way to appeal to any smoker. Traveling cases, lighters, humidors, cutters, ashtrays, books, apparel, and holders are all something any smoker would appreciate. There are endless opportunities for presents that start with price tags under $5. Everything depends on how extravagant the purchaser wants to get. Some of these accessories can be personalized allowing the purchaser to monogram or say something special on the accessory.

Another fantastic idea that highlights why cigar gifts are so popular is the chance to purchase sampler boxes or sampler packs. Samplers combine a variety of stogies in a single container or pack to introduce a smoker to multiple flavors. There are a number of sampler boxes, and there are some manufacturers such as Gurkha that allow custom sampler packs for the perfect present. Samplers are a fantastic way to appeal to any smoker.

For the person that has everything, a gift certificate may be the way to go. Some people view certificates as not the most personal choice, but a certificate is great for allowing the smoker to choose from a variety of accessories or cigars from a single company. Certificates can be for almost any dollar value, and are often a preferred present for aficionados with a discerning palate.

Finally, if the smoker is a special recipient, consider placing the recipient in a stogie of the month club. Every month a specific number of cigars are delivered to the recipient. This is especially ideal for a business associate or when the giver wants to be remembered. Every month, they are enjoyed and the recipient remembers the giver. These make exceptional cigar gifts for just about any enthusiast.

Choosing the ideal present for someone is not always easy. However, there are a number of cigar gifts that allow a purchaser to really make an impression on the recipient that will not soon be forgotten. Accessories, certificates, humidors, snuffers, lighters, and cutters are just a sampling of ideas that allow the purchaser to make a great impression on any level of smoker. 

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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