Origin: Dominican Republic                                 Binder: Connecticut Broadleaf

Wrapper: Dark Connecticut Shade                     Strength: Medium

Filler: Dominican, Honduran, Nicaraguan

Macanudo Robust CigarCigar enthusiasts everywhere are pleading for a little bit of free time to sit back, relax, and enjoy an incredible smoke from an incredible brand. For those seeking a cigar with a unique character, considering a Macanudo Robust cigar may very well be the best decision ever made in such a quest for the extraordinary. From beginning cigar smokers to those with a incredibly well-rounded palate, the Macanudo Robust continues to draw devoted smokers back, time and time again, making it one of the most highly sought after cigars of today. Therefore, grabbing a handful of these little jewels is a strategy used more often than not.

Everything about the robust line lies beyond the realm of ordinary, and expands into the likes of remarkable. These cigars are unique from the beginning to the end because the process that is used to develop and construct these cigars is far above what the average cigar maker is willing to do. The Macanudo brand meticulously grows, cures, and ages their own Dark Connecticut Shade wrappers, as well as aging all their tobaccos twice, and for two years each cycle, which is modeled after the process used in Havana during the prosperous reign of Cuban cigars. Thus, they provide the consumer with a treasure not likely to be imitated.

Not only is the Macanudo brand quickly rising in popularity, but the robust line in particular is booming. Macanudo Robust cigars have been highly praised and sought after by amateur cigar enthusiasts and seasoned aficionados alike. Perhaps one of the leading reasons is quite simply the remarkable quality that consistently accompanies the Macanudo name. After an article in the Leafy Times in which the brand was honored, it became evident that the robust line was something to be desired. In fact, Cigar Insider glorified the brand even further and assigned it a rating of 92.

Each stick is well constructed and rolled in a Dark Connecticut Shade wrapper, specially harvested and grown by the Macanudo company specifically for use in their cigars. These beautiful wrappers are decorated with very pronounced veins, which make for an exaggerated contrast when paired against the dark chocolate leaf. As with any Macanudo cigar, the construction is top notch, leaving the craftsmanship of the Macanudo Robust in the same category. In addition, these cigars feel perfect to the touch and allow the smoker to grab hold and gear up for a nice and easy draw with the slightest resistance. The ashy results tell of a great smoke with an unfailing burn.

Overall, the Macanudo Robust cigars rank among the top of the leader board for many reasons. From the attention given to the harvesting process and aging of the tobaccos twice, to the incredible construction and price, these sticks have provided more than enough substance on which to form an opinion. Although any of the cigars from the Macanudo brand would be lovely additions to humidors throughout the world, or would serve nobly as a gift, the robust line definitely tops the list.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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