Wrapper: Connecticut shade                     Binder: Mexican

Filler: Domican                                         Strength: medium bodied

Sizes: variety

Macanudo Classic CigarsThe most popular cigar brand in America, the Macanudo cigars are known for their excellent, smooth, and mild flavor. These cigars were developed in Jamaica in 1971 by Cuban cigar legend, Ramon Cifuentes. One of these popular cigars is the Macanudo Classic. Many people rave about this cigar for many reasons.

Ramon Cifuentes lived to be 92 years old. He was considered a cigar legend. He learned the trade from his father who bought the business in 1900 from Jaime Partagas, a Catalonian immigrant who started the company in 1845. He was an uncompromising perfectionist in the age-old art of cigar making. In 1961, Cifuentes was forced to flee from Cuba and went to the United States of America. For two years in the early 1960s Cifuentes worked for almost nothing. He separated leaves in his Connecticut Tobacco house. He later forged an alliance with General Cigar when he moved to Santiago, Dominican Republic. He is the man responsible for building the brand’s reputation.

The Macanudo Classic is a straightforward cigar. It is lighter than most, and not as complex. It is a mild flavored cigar, but still has good flavor. They are smooth, well aged processed cigars. Varying countries contribute to the tobacco of these cigars. These include Mexican, Nicaraguan, Dominican, USA Connecticut shade and broadleaf wrappers, and some Honduran tobacco as well. These cigars are always smooth, with a robust medium-bodied flavor. They are available in eighteen different shapes and sizes, all with names of an English royal theme.

No other cigar tastes like the Macanudo Classic, because no other cigar is made like these cigars. The makers of Macanudo spend the time and effort it takes to grow, cure, and age their own Connecticut Shade wrappers. Only the makers of Macanudo age all of their tobaccos twice, just as it used to be done in Havana during the Golden age of the Cuban cigars. These cigars are now crafted exclusively in the Domincan Republic.

The Macanudo Classic sports a woody, almost cedar like flavor, and the wrapper yields an even burn with a long white ash. The aroma emitted from this cigar is delicate and light. Not a heavy cigar, and it can be paired with a glass of Merlot to help bring out its mild flavors. It is a wonderful light bodied mild cigar that produces a light lifted aroma that is sure to be a favorite. All of these factors are what keeps it one of America’s best selling brands. Many enjoy the sensual lingering flavor and aroma, and do not feel overwhelmed by the smoke. It can be smoked alone and enjoyed, or at a large gathering. Mild in flavor and price, this cigar will not break your pocketbook.

There are many appealing traits that attract people to purchasing this cigar for themselves, or as gifts. It offers an exceptional smoke, but not at an exceptional price. The Macanudo Classic is a great choice for someone looking for a lighter cigar that is packed with a mild type of woodsy flavor. 


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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