LRMD Cigar By C and C Cigar CompanyThe C AND C LRMD cigars were designed by the well-known Joe Chiusano. The LRMD is considered to be the flagship to this brand of sticks. The business is headquartered in Florida, and delivers a cigar that has a Habano Maduro wrapper from Ecuador rolled with Dominican ligero filler blend and Dominican binder. Made solely by hand, this stogie is a favorite among most aficionados. Maduro wrapped cigars are naturally fermented, achieving a deep brown color with an oily sheen. The stogie is rolled using the booking method, promising a rich, flavorful smoking experience. The company offers three different blends, C AND C LRMD cigars, Connecticut, and Corojo style.

The C AND C LRMD cigars are known to be the boldest of the three blends. It carries flavors of espresso and leather with a light sweetness. The three sizes offered are Churchill, Robusto, and Toro. The Churchill size is 7 inches by a 47 ring gauge. This size promises an hour and a half or more of smoke time. The Toro is 6 by 48 and lasts slightly over an hour. Robusto is 5 by 50, offering big flavors when one is short on time. This stogie typically lasts about 45 minutes. The most popular size of this brand with reviewers appears to be the Toro, as it lasts a satisfying length of time while producing the desired amount of flavor and smoke over the duration.

The rich Maduro wrapper smells of cocoa, earth, and hay. The wrappers on the C AND C LRMD cigars were allowed to naturally ferment producing its dark brown color. This is often referred to as “Spanish market selection”, since they are the finest sold at the markets. Wrapped in the booking style, the maker stacks filler leaves vertically and rolls the wrapper like a scroll. The booking method is one of many styles when rolling cigars by hand. It also allows for a sweeter draw, and for a stronger tobacco flavor to come out. When rolled in this method, the stogie can produce a remarkable amount of flavors allowing for an enjoyable smoke.

The C AND C LRMD cigars produce the flavors of espresso and leather, with a sweet undertone. As the stogie continues, the flavors grow with boldness, but remain consistent. This is not considered to be a complex smoke, but enjoyed by all who have had the chance to partake in one. One comment that many reviewers stated is that the flavors remain balanced, never having one flavor overpower another. The smoke is thick and flavorful, continuing through the duration. The burn line remains stable throughout the smoke, with little to no touch ups needed. This is a medium-bodied to full-bodied offering.

Whether one is purchasing it on-line or at their favorite brick and mortar, these are very reasonably priced making it an easy purchase for the home humidor. Many reviewers also stated that this is a perfect stogie for any novice just starting out. One of the main purposes behind this stick is that the company wanted to offer a quality smoke at a reasonable price. Most reviewers would agree-mission accomplished.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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