Lotus Cigar LighterLotus lighters represent the superior Lotus name quite well. Like the fine automobile and the beautiful flower, these cigar lighters by the same name are exquisitely designed and provide a superb performance with every use. Their wide range of styles and inexpensive price tag offer the perfect lighter to just about anyone wishing to acquire one of their own. Whether a man or woman, casual smoker or serious cigar aficionado, Lotus lighters are sure to have the perfect model to fit your own personal style.

The Lotus brand offers a wide range of top of the line European lighters. Some of the most experienced and knowledgeable creators have had their hands in designing and manufacturing them. This unique line of Lotus lighters is fueled by butane and known for its dependability and sophisticated appearance across the board. They are designed with comfort and functionality in mind as they have a solid yet light feel in the hand. Their clean steel exterior lines provide a natural feel when lighting up. Additionally, these lighters are made to be used in indoors and out, as well as in all weather conditions. This gives them an added versatility, making them perfect for using at home or on the go. A few additional features are available on a number of the models including single action ignition, automatic flame covers, wind resistant flames and fuel level viewing windows.

This superior brand includes over thirty different lighter ranges. Unlike other brands that label each of their lighters with a name of its own, Lotus lighters are each given a number to distinguish one from another. Their lighters include the Dual Flame, Torch, Twin Torch, and Triple Torch. Each flame type is available in a variety of sizes as well. In addition, the exterior body of the lighter is offered in an assortment of colors for you to choose from. For example, the Twin Torch Lotus 21 is available in a sleek black, dark gray or chrome as well as a bolder blue or red metallic.

The many sizes, styles, and colors offered amongst this brand give each smoker the choice to best fit their own tastes and needs. Whereas the Lotus 1 Torch lighter provides a more traditional look with its simple squared style, the Lotus 8 and 10 torch lighters add a bit of a contemporary and innovative feel to their exteriors. For more of a young, masculine look, the Lotus 21 may be just what you are looking for with its unique ergonomic design available in stand out metallic colors. On the other end of the spectrum is the more feminine Torch Lotus 13. Its strong yet lightweight casing is rounded perfectly to provide an added comfort for women looking for that perfect lighter to call their own. This model not only has an oversized flame adjuster, but it is also available in a number of unique color options. It can be purchased in a black matte, satin chrome, dark gun, white pearl and pink matte.

Whether you’re looking to expand your assortment of cigar accessories or are hoping to find that perfect lighter for your everyday needs, consider acquiring a couple of high quality Lotus lighters. They are available at your local cigar shop as well as through reputable online retailers.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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