Vapor Gen Electronic Cigarette For Sale Looking at an e-cigarette review will quickly reveal that the important features to look for in products of this type are the battery life, recharge rates, cartridge life, flavor options, vapor production, nicotine level and cartridge cost. These electronic inhalers usually break down into 4 pieces: the cartridge (or mouthpiece), the battery, the atomizer, and an LED light cover. Some have only 3 parts, with the cartridge and the atomizer combined in what is called a cartomizer. Some have an airflow sensor, which allows them to activate whenever a breath is drawn, while others require manual activation with a button.

Although they are small, a lot goes on inside. Once activated an atomizer heats the e-liquid in the tank or sponge until it becomes vapor. This vapor resembles normal smoke and can be inhaled in the same way, but without the negatives of actual smoke. Using them in cars or indoors will not result in a scent that lingers on upholstery and clothing. Similarly, there will be no grey or yellow residue left behind. Since this product releases vapor rather than smoke, it is welcome in the places that currently ban cigarettes. This means that on airplanes and in restaurants, when the urge to smoke strikes, it can be tended to without disrupting nearby nonsmokers.

E Cigarette liquidSome offer flavors that cannot be found in regular cigarettes. There are classic flavors, like traditional tobacco and menthol, but there is also vanilla, cherry, coffee, and many more. Some reviewers even suggested that the flavored vapor was worth smoking even when it did not have any nicotine content at all. Consumers have the option of deciding what nicotine levels they want, and can purchase e-liquid with various contents. There are lots of brands out there, and they offer different shapes, sizes, and builds, as well as flavor and nicotine options. Checking online for an e-cigarette review of a specific brand will reveal the available options, so a product can be chosen depending on the users preferences.

Since it activates with the push of a button or inhalation and offers no byproducts except for the vapor, the need for lighters and ashtrays become a thing of the past. Making the switch can prove to be cost effective since a single cartridge can be the equivalent of two packs of traditional cigarettes. Once it is empty, most types can easily be refilled. Disposable brands are available as well, but e-cigarette review sites often complain that these types are expensive.

Battery life and recharge rates must also be considered when looking at the available options. A long lasting battery can guarantee the product will last through the day, whenever it is needed. Most come with a USB charger and adaptors for both home AC and automobile DC outlets.

A positive e-cigarette review notes that these lack the tar and chemicals found when igniting tobacco, and the vapor provides nicotine mixed with water and propylene glycol, polyethylene glycol 400 or vegetable glycerine. The smoothness and thickness of the vapor varies, depending on the brand and type of e-liquid used. Checking for an e-cigarette review of the various options can help guide the smoker to the perfect selection based on personal preference.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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