Leccia White Cigars Are AffordableAfter a long enforced hiatus from the tobacco industry, renowned cigar designer Sam Leccia returns with his very own line, including the Leccia White cigar. The aforementioned along with the Leccia Black are Sam’s flagship offerings. Sam had left Oliva Cigar Company back in 2010, but a bit of legal maneuvering from his previous employers kept him from re-entering the competition with his own brand. Now, under the company of his own name, Sam will again be offering world-class smoking experiences to aficionados around the world from his home base of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

This stick was released in April, a full month ahead of schedule. According to those who have tried it, the Leccia White cigar is among the favorites of this year’s releases. The wrapper is a sun-grown Cameroon African leaf. It is a bit toothy, lightly veined, and rich chocolate brown in color. The binder is a tasty Ecuadorian Habano, while the filler consists of Nicaraguan Ligero blended with Seco leaves. The Seco leaves were grown in Sam’s home state of Pennsylvania, offering a home-crafted appeal to this stogie. The manufacturing process takes place at an undisclosed factory in Nicaragua, though there have been some guesses within the industry concerning this mysterious collection. The band has an elegant black “L” in a striking font on a glossy white backdrop. The Torana Family Cigar Company of Miami, Florida will handle distribution of the smokes.

In the beginning, the unlit aromas of this well-constructed confection are said to be of nuts, namely cashew-like, and of cedar, and at least one reviewer spoke of an earthy, slightly hay-like scent. It is said to cut and light well, with a good draw, a razor-sharp ash line that maintains well during the entire smoke, and producing a lovely amount of aromatic smoke. The first notes are of pepper and spice, with a hint of sweetness, and these flavors intensify, particularly on the retrohale, which of course allows a more thorough experience of the smoke. In the Leccia White cigar, these two main characteristics will build, filling the mid-mouth and sinuses, but are generally spoken of as pleasant yet strong. At the midway point, there is a pronounced, unnamed herbal note, similar to allspice that appears at various times throughout the smoke. Reviewers said the spice was never over-whelming but always noticeable. A delightful note of coffee makes a strong statement, accompanied by a soft sweetness that reminded some of cookie dough. This flavor was said to stay strong through to the end. After a bit, the coffee gives way to some flavor notes of cedar, but the sweetness stays. One smoker also detected a hint of anise mixed in as well.

All in all, the Leccia White cigar is a well-made stick that is full-bodied enough for experienced aficionados, but well-balanced enough for novices as well. People who have smoked it say that they would definitely keep these cigars on hand to enjoy again and again. They also have delegated it as an “anytime” stogie, enjoyable morning, noon, or evening. These fine smokes are available in four sizes, starting with four inches by forty-six, then five inches by fifty-two, to six inches by fifty and six inches by sixty. The price range is generally between $7.00 and $9.00 each, making the Leccia White cigar an affordable luxury.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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