About Leccia Cigars & Cigar Reviews For The Three Releases Now that Sam Leccia has his own cigars and brand to work with, he can unleash his concepts on a willing audience. It took a while for Sam to get to this point, even though he was a highly respected member of the Olivia brand for some time. At the end of 2010, he decided to strike out on his own but ran into legal problems when establishing his business. While fighting through these issues, Sam had to take a 2 1/2 year hiatus from the industry. Since 2013, he’s been back, and he’s already getting attention again for his blends.

As of now, the brand has three releases to its name. These include the White, Black and Luchador sticks. They are distributed by the Toraño family and are, in general, stronger than they first look.

The Leccia White cigars are the first release in the line and are made with an African Sun Grown wrapper, an Ecuadorian binder and fillers from Nicaragua and Pennsylvania. It comes in four sizes, including the 446 (4 x 46), 552 (5 x 52), 650 (6 x 50) and 660 (6 x 60). The wrapper is the color of milk chocolate and has reddish spots coursing through it. The White’s flavors include pepper, natural tobacco, coffee and spice. The coffee flavor is dominant throughout though the pepper and tobacco rival it at points. It’s not a highly complex smoke, but the flavors are fully developed and remain steady from start to finish.

The Black blend is a companion to the White, but it is different in composition and flavors. The most notable difference is the use of fire-cured tobacco. Most blends have air-cured tobacco, which means the plants are hung to dry in the air after harvest. During the fire curing process, the plants are held over smoldering fires while they dry. The idea is to infuse smoky flavors into the tobacco. Specifically, the Black is made with a Habano wrapper, a Nicaraguan Rosado binder and fillers that include a Nicaraguan Ligero, a Dominican Ligero, a Brazilian Viso and the fire-cured “Dark Fire.” It is also the color of milk chocolate and has a smoother texture than the White. Its flavors include pepper, natural tobacco, sweetness and a smoky note that is the result of the Dark Fire. The smoky flavor is the most powerful note for the bulk of the stick, with the natural tobacco also playing a large role.

The Leccia Luchador cigars combine tobacco from five nations, giving the blend a complex and unique feel. The wrapper is a San Andreas Mexican, the binder an Ecuadorian Habano and the fillers are from Nicaragua, Honduras, and Pennsylvania. It’s a fat stick that has a dark brown, almost slightly green, color and is finished with a thick tail. Flavors include white pepper, mocha, mineral, chocolate and earth, and they are heavy notes.

All three blends are for experienced smokers, and they perform extremely well. This is old hat for Sam, after all, and he’s never been known to pull punches with his blends.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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