L Atelier Surrogate Cigars A brand new company in the industry has created a limited stogie called L’Atelier Surrogates Cigars, and many reviewers are enjoying it. The limited edition comes in four unique blends known as Tramp Stamp, Bone Crusher, Skull Breaker and Crystal Baller. Many reviewers are amused by the names.

The L’Atelier Surrogates Cigars are also available in two types of wrappers. The Crystal Baller and Tramp Stamp are encased in an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper. The other two blends, Skull Breaker and Bone Crusher, encompass a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. All four products contain binders and fillers that are Nicaraguan.

L’Atelier Surrogates Cigars are a hit with many reviewers. Let’s start with the Tramp Stamp,

Reviewers stated that the Tramp Stamp has a medium to full body. Sensations of cocoa, espresso, spice and leather are interspersed throughout the cigar. The retail price for this stogie is around $7. A butterfly image is prevalent on the stick, and the wrapper exhibits a rich brown color.

Per reviews, the first third of this stogie is enjoyable with a distinct pepper flavor. The second third continues with the pepper but also adds a spicy clove. During the final third, reviewers note a distinct mocha flavoring.

Another impressive blend is the Bone Crusher, and reviews state that this stogie is quite bold. When compared to the other L’Atelier Surrogates Cigars, this one appears to be the strongest in flavor. The image on the stick is of two black bands, and the top band has the name Bone Crusher emblazoned with a bone, while the bottom band has the Surrogates name in a cursive style. It is a stogie with full body and flavor, with layers of coffee, leather and pepper playing around and combining to create a complex picture. Pepper notes begin in the first third with a deep chocolate sensation occurring in the second third. Toward the final third, molasses, berry and espresso flavors present.

The third stogie in the lineup is the Skull Breaker. This blend is also full bodied, with leather, cocoa, pepper and espresso flavors all present. Reviewers compare this smoke’s appearance to a rustic rifle, and the picture on the band looks like a pirate’s skull. The cap appears sticky with a pre-lit cocoa aroma. Earthy tastes are present throughout the stick. As the stogie winds down, notes of chocolate, leather, espresso and pepper all pop up.

Last in the lineup is the Crystal Baller. This is another medium to full body stogie, but it has many notes of sweetness. Spice, cocoa and cedar are just some of the flavors noted by reviewers. Molasses flavors and a woody taste take the lead in the first third of the stogie, while spicy and peppery notes begin in the second third. One reviewer noted a doughy biscuit flavor from beginning to end that tasted hearty.

Connoisseurs in the market for a new limited edition should look no further than this new brand. L’Atelier Surrogates Cigars are unique and would be a welcome addition to any humidor.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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