A La Palina Maduro Cigar is a thing of beauty.A La Palina Maduro cigar is a smooth, rich combination of Honduran and Nicaraguan blends that allow for a satisfying and flavorful experience to any smoker. This blend was created by a man named Samuel Paley who was originally from the Ukraine. In the late 1800’s he founded The Congress Cigar Company, which is where this fine smoke is produced.


Blending the different tobaccos creates a rich color along with an oily texture that allows the taste and aroma to appease any sort of palate. The Mexican Madura wrapper is picked primarily for the texture and brilliant color it brings to the overall appearance. A well-rounded stick that any experienced smoker would like to have in their humidor is created by blending the unique tobaccos, the appealing wrapper, and the aroma of the sweet and spicy flavorings.


The La Palina Maduro cigar which ranges from lengths of 5x52 to 7x56 has had many noted awards and ratings from popular cigar reviews and magazines. It was rated in the Top 25 of 2012 by Cigar Aficionado, and was also rated in the top nineties from popular magazines such as Smoke Magazine and Smoke Journal. The wide range of sizes and brands of La Palina really captures the customers, giving them a wide variety of choices.


Reviewers claimed that a La Palina Maduro cigar was a sweet even smoke. The flavors create a rich compost aroma. The taste, which most would think is sweet because of the tobaccos used, actually comes out with more of a spice to it than anything else. This type of spiciness can be very common among stogies that have a Mexican wrapper. The subtle aromas consisted of mostly hay and barn taste with creamy leather and smooth, earthy after tone. When the last third of the smoke is reached, it ends spectacularly with a dark coffee flavor that leaves the smoker feeling relaxed and content with their purchase.  


Experienced smokers also stated that this perfecto is different than the normal robust strength of other stogies smoked. What is so great about this smoke is its lack of intensity. The panatela is just the ticket for a day where strength and overwhelming tastes are not what is wanted. This variety is a low key, good burning, and smooth variety that will not be overpowering in any way, shape, or form.


A La Palina Maduro cigar can come in many different forms. Not only are there a variety of different lengths, but there is also some signature brands that any experienced smoker must try. A popular variety is, of course, the Maduro, but there is also the El Diario, the Classic Palina, the La Palina Collection, and the Family Series. Each brand has a unique flavor, taste, and scent to it, but with such a wide variety it is possible for any type of smoker to find a stogie they could enjoy.


A La Palina Maduro cigar can come in a variety of different quantities ranging from singles to twenty in a box. Ordering can be done either in stores or online.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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