La Palina Family Series CigarsThe La Palina Family series cigars include the Alison, the Babe, the Little Bill and the Pasha. The Alison and the Pasha are the largest sticks in the family, with Babe and Little Bill following closely behind with just as much flavor and finesse.

The Allison and the Little Bill sticks are excellently constructed and are beautifully adorned cigars. The Ecuadorian wrapper is an added bonus being perfumed and creamy. The naturally fermented aged ligero filler leaves make this medium bodied cigar line one of the most awesome in its league. The La Palina Family Series cigars are one of the most popular of 2010. This series consists of two different blends. The first grouping is the Allison and the Little Bill, which are beautifully adorned with the sub band “Ligero” and have an Ecuadorian wrapper with an amazing Costa Rican binder. They are filled with Honduran and Nicaraguan tobacco. The Babe and the Pasha are similar, but are not ligero. They do however have the Costa Rican wrapper and binder with the same Honduran and Nicaraguan blend of tobacco.

The Allison was actually dedicated to Mr. Bill Paley's wife, Allison Paley because of her tremendous support and encouragement to her husband during the La Palina revival. She is the strong woman behind the great man who truly made that possible. The ligero found in the Allison and the Little Bill will not stampede your palate because it is a medium bodied stick with unique flavorful notes throughout the smoking journey.

Before igniting, the pre draw gives an herbal note with a creamy aftertaste. The first third of this La Palina Family Series cigar is a cedar, spicy flavor, mixed together with a smorgasbord of cashews, cream, blackberry, and herbal hues bursting forth to tantalize the palate like you have never before experienced. Throughout the entire smoke, especially the ligeros, you will experience one amazing flavor after another. During the entire smoking venture, the flavoring is very natural and will not taste as if they had been infused. This will be the bonus worthy of any aficionado’s praise. The complexity of each of these vitolas are quite unique, yet genuinely consistent. The aromatic hues that are presented through each individual puff are magnificent, making this a journey well worth taking.

La Palina Family Series cigars produce a crescendo of smells and tastes swirling together as a unified masterpiece. If you are looking for that altruistic attribute in a stogie, then you will love this series for sure. The hype that follows this line of sticks is definitely true, with a name you will want to remember. You will certainly want to keep these babies in your humidor to enjoy time and time again. This is one stogie to show off to your cigar buddies. You can count on the fact that they will begin to hoard these to show off to you the next time a special get together arises. Just remember to pack them along in your favorite cigar tube, so you will always have a La Palina Family Series cigar on hand.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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