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When it comes to choosing an amazingly robust smoke, La Cima ENg cigars may be at the top of the list. Having a better blend of tobaccos translates to something that can be enjoyed anytime of the day or evening. Even having a nice after dinner treat is possible with this enjoyable and popular roll of tobacco! To truly appreciate this robust stogie, exploring the origins of the stogie is important and will open the eyes of even the finickiest of smokers.


While the La Cima ENg cigar is considered a medium strength smoke, smokers appreciate the middle ground of this delicious stogie. Perfectly mild for those early day smokes, yet, strong enough to be appreciated late in the evening. Wonderfully blended of the finest tobacco, this is a medium strength stogie offering more to all levels of smokers.


One of the most common types of wrappers used by premium companies is called the Connecticut-seed. There are mainly two places in which the leaf is grown: Connecticut and Ecuador. The Ecuadorian Connecticut is known for its excellence. The amazing thing about the Ecuadorian Connecticut is that it is grown under a constant cloud cover acting as a superb natural shade for the delicate leaves. Natural shade allows the tobacco to grow and mature in a healthier environment making for a better smoke for the user.

In addition, the veins are beautiful and the ash the perfect color. Another benefit of a superb wrapper is that the smoker will have less uncontrolled ash fall.


All La Cima ENg cigars share a robust Nicaraguan binder. Nicaragua is famous for better tobacco products because of the perfect environmental conditions. The superior binder allows for an even smoking experience, and with such a great binder, the smoker will appreciate less lightings due to burnout. The great binder means a better experience.


The filler offers a superb blend of Nicaraguan tobaccos for the best smoking experience. Dried to perfection, the filler leaves are then aged to perfection for a superior smoke each time. Carefully rolled tobacco provides a woodsy taste with every toke. Some reviews claim that the taste is similar to a farmyard with highlights of the forest. Delicious!


Smokers will discover the La Cima ENg cigar comes in a variety of sizes to best suit the smoker. The Gordo measures in at 6” by 60; the Robusto measures in at 5” by 50; the Robusto Grande measures in at 5.5” by 54; and the Toro measures in at 6” by 52. There is a preferred size for just about any smoker. In addition, the color of the stogies is all natural with no added colors for aesthetic purposes. These bad boys speak for themselves.

La Cima ENg cigars offer a superior experience for all levels of smokers. There are a variety of sizes allowing for maximum enjoyment, and each smoker will definitely appreciate the superior artisanship that goes into every smoke. Having better does not have to be expensive, and this is a cost effective solution for smokers that appreciate an all-day stogie. 

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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