La Aurora Classics Cigars For Sale Online!Since 1903, La Aurora Classic cigars have been produced with quality and attention to detail. This is a company that can proudly say that they are the oldest in the Dominican Republic. The fertile fields of the Cibao Valley make the tobacco they produce among the most sought after in the industry. The founder, Don Jimenes developed the rolling procedures that made the company even greater. These procedures are still taught to those in the business today.

The La Aurora Classic cigars brand offers a smoke that is loaded with great tobacco flavor. Big and bold tastes along with a smoothness that cannot be surpassed by any other are the trademarks of this line.

Billed as a medium to full flavored offering, this cigar offers a Cameroon wrapper. This is something to brag about because this leaf is one that is extremely difficult for rollers to use. The Cameroon tends to grow with leaves that are thinner than most and this makes it hard to use. It also means that these types of leaves can easily be destroyed in the process. It is interesting to note that aficionados claim that this type of tobacco leaf is superior to even those grown in Cuba.

The La Aurora Classic cigars feature a blend of Nicaraguan and Dominican tobaccos as their fillers. The binder is also Nicaraguan. The superb Cameroon wrapper is just oily enough and true to its nature. The texture is a little bumpy, but doesn’t take away from the entire experience.

The first third of one of the La Aurora Classic cigars gives way to notes of cedar, spice, wood and nuttiness according to reviewers. These flavor notes are mild and start off slowly. During the middle third, the tastes begin to pick up the pace a bit with more intensity. Added into the flavor profile now is a hint of toast and a grassy note along with a slight hint of hay. These are paired perfectly with the spicy wood and nutty flavors that were found in the beginning of the cigar. The final third allows for all of the spice and cedar along with the notes of nuttiness to take the lead. The hay and earthiness are found to be lingering at just the right taste to finish off the smoke.

All the way to the nub, La Aurora Classic cigars leave the aficionado wishing that there was just a little more of it to enjoy. It is said to burn perfectly from first light to the end. The ash holds on well into the second third and is a deep gray. There is loads of smoke swirling about as the aficionado enjoys another puff.

In recent years, the blend in these smokes has been perfected and taken to another level. The taste and flavor profiles are astonishing indicators that this company is one that takes great pride in the tobacco products that it produces. With the experience and ancestry of the generations that first began this company, it isn’t too difficult to understand why this is such an excellent stick. It is also easy to see why it scores so highly among aficionados that have experienced them.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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