La Aurora Cigars With over a century in business, La Aurora Cigars is one of the most reputable manufacturers in the industry. They are also the oldest standing manufacturer in the Dominican Republic, and the company prides itself on high quality tobacco available at rather moderate pricing.

With a high-quality and rich flavored blend that has been hand selected from the most premium Dominican tobacco leaves and wrapped in select African Cameroon leaves, it is no wonder that La Aurora cigars are the most frequently smoked offerings in the Dominican Republic.

Founded in 1903, the company began at the hands of Don Eduardo Leon Jimenez and has thrived since its conception. This company maintains a much respected production line that is centered in Santiago de los Caballeros, a famed city in the Dominican. This area produces ideal tobacco due to its prime soils and a climate perfectly fit for growing.

Each of their products boasts reliable consistency and a mild to medium-body taste, guaranteed to burn evenly and last a long time. Reviewers of the line agree that the taste is rich and the flavor is long lasting. The company seems to surpass expectations with each item in their flavored line. Esteemed smokers around the world who cannot get enough of their original Principals smokes, boast that the flavor continues until the last ash. They say that the tobacco is smoother than many other options available on the market.

Though La Aurora cigars are not considered flashy, consumer’s reviews state that they boast a good construction and a healthy, full draw. Many elements from the large double banding in many of the products to the attractive olive brown color of the leaves speak of an understated elegance. Others have stated that the small veins of the leaf are a consistent factor to note. The smokes are supple, easy to clip, and one esteemed smoker stated that the burn was incredibly precise with no maintenance needed.

The ash was light gray and held compact up to 2.5 inches. The smoke that was produced was incredibly pleasant and fragrant, said one fan of these smokes. The brand has more flavors and a smoother delivery than many competitors have, and they make for a great every-day choice.

With such description used to allude to the taste and body as excellent, perfect, incredible – and these are only a few such reviews – it is clear that La Aurora Cigars has hit the mark with the products they put out. In such a long-standing business, it is hard to find better. Since they seem to know exactly how to construct the perfect smoke, why would anyone try to change it?

Nearly every review available cites these being as the best, the most cost-efficient, and very well built. Consistency is a big factor in deciding what brand to go forward with, and this heeds well to La Aurora Cigars, a true expert manufacturer.

Any smoker looking for a trustworthy, mild to medium-bodied smoke should look no further. With incredible reviews on flavor and construction, the mentioned prices are well worth the experience. Most importantly, the price for the quality is unbeatable.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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