A La Aurora 107 Maduro Cigar Are Full-bodied and Delicious.From the Dominican Republic’s oldest working cigar factory, comes the La Aurora 107 Maduro Cigar. La Aurora, S.A. is a family-owned company with deep roots in the Dominican Republic. They have grown their tobacco in the same fields for over three generations in the Cibao Valley. With a reputation as a solid, dependable, and delectable smoke, this brand of hand-made cigars is the bestseller in its home country.

The original La Aurora 107 was created to commemorate the maker’s 107th anniversary. The highly anticipated unveiling of the Maduro wrapped version in 2013 was to the delight of aficionados nationwide. They come in four different shapes and sizes: Belicoso, Corona, Robusto, and Toro. With most reviewers rating it a nine out of ten, enthusiasts agree that this stogie is one to add to their regular smoking rotation.


Aficionados describe the La Aurora 107 Maduro cigar as full-bodied, with a terrific blend of sweet and spicy finishes. The wrapper, made from Connecticut Broadleaf, gives the stick primarily a sweet and earthy flavor. This is the third Connecticut Broadleaf stogie produced by the company and reviewers agree they are doing wonderful things with it. The wrapper is smooth and oily, with seams and veins only visible upon close inspection. The binder is Dominican Corojo, and the long-filler is a blend of Dominican and Nicaraguan tobacco. The filler has been aged for six years giving the tobacco an abundance of sweet notes and depth. This blend of aged leaves is great for experienced enthusiasts or novices looking to advance to a fuller, more complex cigar. Reviewers have stated it is constructed very well lending to its reputation for a good burn and draw.  The construction gives it a straight burn line − with minimal touch-ups − from first light to last draw. The ash is white in color and tight, with no noticeable flaking. Aficionados also stated they found there was a slight resistance to the draw, making it low maintenance and ideal to smoke.


According to reviewers, the first-third of the La Aurora 107 Maduro cigar starts as peppery, but soon mellows with notes of coffee and earthiness. After about ten percent, the coffee notes meld into a subtly sweet and delicious mocha flavor. This part of the smoking experience is reported to be one of the most enjoyable with the stogie reaching its sweetest taste profile. The earthiness at the beginning of the smoke alters to a more toasted nut flavor, with the mocha taking on a subtle cocoa powder finish during the second burn. At the end of the smoke, the stogie reverts to the original peppery notes – spicy, but not eye-watering abrasive. Aficionados agree the tobacco flavors are blended together superbly with an overall enticing depth to them. The balance between both the tobacco and the wrapper provide the smoker a satisfying experience with its unique taste profile and smoke production.


Enthusiasts agree that there is much to love about the La Aurora 107 Maduro cigar. From the pre-lit aroma to the smell of the smoke to the explosion of flavors that grace the palate. There is something for every aficionado to discover and appreciate about the La Aurora 107 Maduro cigar.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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