La Aurora 100 Anos CigarCelebrating their 100th anniversary, La Aurora 100 Anos cigars were released this year providing an exceptional smoking experience to a very limited number of aficionados. The unique blend of tobaccos is popular among reviewers and is ranked rather high, making it a favorite for those desiring a good stogie. The reviews say they are definitely worth giving a try. However, getting a hold of one can be quite the chore in patience and investigative work on the part of the consumer.

Each full-bodied stick offers the smoker a unique Dominican Republic puro blend of Corojo tobaccos for the filler. The binder and wrapper are also the highly prized Dominican Corojo tobacco. The band is a gorgeously created gold and red, featuring the profile of a regal lion with a brilliant red sunset at its back. Golden leaves wrap around the image and are a trademark of this popular manufacturer. Even the commemorative box matches this unique band.

Aging of tobacco can take a lot of time, and many manufacturers expect the aging process to take place in the consumer’s home environment. However, La Aurora 100 Anos cigars are all aged to perfection before they ever leave the factory. The glistening oils on this stogie are complemented by the few toothy veins that are present. Reviewers claim this is a perfectly rolled stick with no soft spots and that it is firmly packed from one end to the next, giving the smoker maximum enjoyment.

Reviewers agreed that the initial smell of this fine stogie is heavy with notes of sweetness over aromatic woodsy notes. Dark molasses and caramel assault the air with the first clip. This legend offers a delicious experience standing up to the toughest scrutiny. Reviewers around the world thoroughly enjoy the entire stick, from first clip to final puff.

Reviewers says that the La Aurora 100 Anos cigars provide a sweet first third heavy with the molasses and caramel combination, but the flavor of cedar is the strongest note found in the first third. The second third is filled with cedar. Here, hints of leather come aboard, lessening the sweet flavors of the first third. The final third is short but is a lessening of the second part of this stogie. Transitioning is noted as being smooth with only slight changes from beginning to end.

Those that have reviewed this cigar say that the tight ash is light in color and holds firm until dropped by the lucky smoker. The crispness of the stick is favored among fans. The draw is said to be easy, lacking excessive tightness which would make the draw difficult. The smoke is thick and aromatic, providing a consistency ensuring the complete experience is top notch.

These La Aurora 100 Anos cigars come in a variety of preferred sizes and styles. Getting a full-bodied smoke is enjoyable, and each stick is an exceptional example of why smokers appreciate this high quality name. Even the price is affordable considering the popularity and rarity of the label.

Sit back, grab a couple La Aurora 100 Anos cigars, and enjoy a relaxing evening with some friends. Each stogie promises a unique experience that will not soon be forgotten. Every draw elicits a smooth, full-bodied moment of pure bliss. Every aspect of this stick is superior, from the first look at that box to the final draw.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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